23 Affirmations for Letting Go


1.  I learn from every mistake.

2.  Change is a necessary and important part of living.

3.  I honor my growth.

4.  I treat myself and others with respect.

5.  The old lessons were for then. It is time for me to move on.

6.  The road in front of me is packed with exciting adventures.

7.  Every challenge brings new opportunities for learning.

8.  I am active in solving problems.

9.  I create an abundance of support.

10.  I rejoice when others are true to themselves.

11.  I am known and loved.

12.  With every ending comes a new beginning.

13.  I stay fully in the present moment.

14.  With release comes the opportunity for joy.

15.  I accept change gracefully.

16.  I am flexible and resilient.

17.  I let others learn their own lessons.

18.  I create space for new lessons.

19.  I welcome each new lesson as it comes.

20.  I live each moment in gratitude.

21.  The lessons I am given are for my own good.

22.  What I need will be provided.

23.  Growth comes from the challenges, not the status quo.

Karuna Poole 1994

10 thoughts on “23 Affirmations for Letting Go

  1. I had to laugh at # 15. I accept change gracefully. I accept it but maybe not so gracefully. My favorite is 5. The old lessons were for then. It is time for me to move on.


    1. I read an incredible book a couple of months ago. It was The Prison Angel by Mother Antonia. One of the things she said was “It’s not learning that brings you to perfection, it’s unlearning.” While perfection is not a goal I’m interested in, I do believe that we “know” a lot of what it takes to be healthy; we just need to unlearn and let go of the old habitual ways!


  2. Thank you for sharing.. For the past three years, on and off, as a part of my early-morning meditation/mindfulness/stillness time, I listen to Deepak Chopra’s, “The Souls of Healing Affirmations.” Letting go of that which serves me no purpose is my INTENTION for 2017. I am grateful to you for these 23 affirmations. Hugs.

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