Opportunity for Community May Come When You Least Expect It

When the Dungeon Prompt about Community came out the last week in January 2014, I wrote something in the comments section but since I didn’t have a blog I couldn’t post it properly. Now I have a blog!


February 1, 2014

To me, community is to be a part of something, to belong. For nearly 30 years I have been part of our therapy community. For 25 years I have been part of the Amma community. This year I have also found community in what, for me, is the unlikeliest of places. In September, I heard that our local football team, the Seattle Seahawks, were on a winning streak. In general, I have had no interest in sports of any kind. The only exceptions have been that I, on very rare occasions, have watched part of the Olympics, and a few, very few, times have watched some of the playoff games when one of our teams was doing exceptionally well. But essentially it is safe to say, I do not watch sports.

This season, however, was different. When I heard how well our football team was doing, I started to watch the games. I became even more interested when I heard that the coach was focusing on taking care of the players in ways that were not “normal” for football. He was even promoting them in doing yoga and meditation!

At first I was “watching” the games but I missed a lot because I was also doing other things. As the season went on, I started watching the games more attentively. I was also beginning to feel more of a sense of community. My clients and many of my friends were excited about the games. I was talking with my son and ex-husband about the games. While on a six week trip to India, I even made a 5 rupee bet (about 8 cents) on the Seahawks-49ers game. When I got home from India, friends gave me a Seahawks shirt and scarf. Me!!!! Unbelievable!

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl and we are in it! Seattle has gone crazy…. good crazy. People are getting blue and green hair and/or blue and green eyelashes. Others are getting Seahawks tattoos. The State Senate has temporarily renamed Mount Rainier “Mount Seattle Seahawks”. Washington State Ferries has temporarily renamed 22 of their ferries for Seahawk players. Pike Place Market is stopping its big clock from 12 o’clock today until the Monday after the game. Businesses everywhere are doing special things. Boeing even unveiled a custom-designed 747-8 supporting the team. Conversations and advertising, both spoken and written, constantly end with “Go Seahawks”. (I’ve never gone THAT far!)

So the City of Seattle now feels like one big community and I’m part of it! Tomorrow I will be watching the game with my ex, wearing my Seattle Seahawks scarf and shirt, along with people from all over the city, the country, and the world. It seems fitting for me to end this post with my first, “Go Seahawks!”

Dungeon Prompts- Season 2, Week 5: Community


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