Early Morning Homework

Ever since I started this blog, I have eagerly awaited Thursday mornings. Thursday morning is when The Seeker’s Dungeon announces its writing challenge for the week.  This week’s challenge arrived today at 5:30 a.m.  The instructions were to “….take some small aspect of your life and write it up in an entertaining way. Make us laugh, make us cry, or hold us in suspense. In some form or another, entertain us with the mundane.”

How in the world could I write something like that? Hmmmm. I decided I would just live my life and watch what I did with my days. Maybe I’d get a good idea if I just did that.  This prompt could take all week!

After reading the prompt, I finished editing the GreenFriends newsletter I’ve been working on. That was fun.  I love writing this monthly newsletter. Once the graphic artists do their magic, it looks so wonderful. And this month, for the first time, I was using information I had obtained from friendships I’m developing in the blogging world, a world that is very new to me. Justine  contributed information about bug hotels and Oliana let me use a beautiful picture and a wonderful poem she posted this week.

The newsletter is done for now.  What next? Shower, get dressed, eat breakfast? No, not yet. I think I will tackle my Sanskrit homework. I’ve been taking a Sanskrit class for two years. It is getting hard and I’m getting frustrated. Each week, in addition to other kinds of homework, we have to write 5 or more simple sentences in Sanskrit. Normally I know what I want to write about early in the week, but this week I don’t have a clue…. and my class is tomorrow! Hmmmmm.

I know, I will write my 5 or more Sanskrit sentences about  my struggles with this week’s Sanskrit homework!!!!  First I write my sentences in English, and then I start working on the translations. I am able to translate them fairly quickly. This strategy is working well!

Here are my sentences:

कानि वाक्यानि लेखिष्यामि?|   What sentences will I write?

एषः सप्ताहस्य पाठः कष्टकरः अस्ति|  This week’s lesson is giving me difficulty.

अर्थं अवगच्छामि न| I do not understand the meaning.

पदानि स्मरामि न| I do not remember the words.

सम्यक् पठनं करोमि न| I do not read well.

विक्षिप्ता अस्मि| I am very frustrated.

हे!| मम वाक्यानि एव लिखितवती| येय्!| हसामि| Hey! I just wrote my sentences! Yay!  I laugh.

Now the sentences are done.  I start musing about what I can do for the Dungeon Prompt. Hmmmmm. Homework is a pretty mundane subject so that fits the criteria. I will write about doing my Sanskrit homework!

I accomplish that task fairly quickly too, so the Dungeon Prompt project is essentially done as well… and it is only 8:15 a.m.  Now it is REALLY time to shower, get dressed and eat some breakfast!  What a productive morning I have had so far, and it has just started.  I wonder what the rest of my day will be like?

[Confession: I wrote this post on Thursday but did not publish it before I went to my Friday morning Sanskrit class and had my sentences checked.   No way was I going to put my beginner’s level unedited Sanskrit on the web!]

Written for Dungeon Prompts: Season 2, Week 14- Entertain with the Mundane


21 thoughts on “Early Morning Homework

    1. I’m not usually up that early, but I know that is when the prompt comes on Thursdays. If I start to wake up, I can’t go back to sleep because I am so curious to know what it is.


      1. Haha, he doesn’t even let YOU know in advance…wow! I always look forward to his prompts as well…I never tire of them…if one is difficult, I just mull it over in my mind for a few days. Glad you like my theme page:) I may stick to this one…it offers me options to display different skies and sunsets I take this time of year up to the Fall.


      2. I don’t want to know in advance, but I don’t think he would tell me either! 🙂 I enjoy the anticipation.

        Yes, I like your new theme page a lot. Interesting that you can change the different skies and sunsets. I will have to look more into the various themes sometime in the future. Right now, I’m liking my new one!


      3. There will be no early sharing of Prompts! I don’t even share them with myself, actually. I just wait for an idea to knock me over the head usually, that sometimes doesn’t happen until the last minute. If I get an idea early in the week, it will usually get replaced by some more present situation, though I can always fall back on the discarded ideas later…


  1. Hah that’s sooo cute you didn’t want to post until it had been checked and woweeee how difficult does it look I can’t even master French let alone that. I too am struggling with what to write for the prompt I am sure it will come to me eventually. I am so happy we managed to do something out of wp it is like widening the branches of friendship with each other and so chuffed you asked xx


    1. I suspect it is easier than French, although I don’t know. The French language sounds so difficult to me. From what I understand Sanskrit is a lot easier to learn than English because a word sounds exactly like the letters that are in it. Nothing like “read” a book, “read” a book yesterday, “red” book. I can’t imagine what it would be like to try to figure that out, or maybe I can imagine and it isn’t a welcome thought. On the other hand,one Sanskrit word can have 20 different unrelated meanings, so that is a problem! And the language is poetic. I’m often not good at figuring out poems. Learning at 65 years of age isn’t helping either. But I think it is a good brain training tool. Hope it helps keep Alzheimer’s away!

      I’m glad we’ve done the newsletter together too and agree that it is like widening the branches together. It will be sent out tomorrow or the next day probably. I look forward to you seeing it!

      I’ve never heard the word chuffed before so I looked it up. I like starting my day with a new word! Thanks.


      1. Hah thank you that made me giggle, you know I got told off once by a friend for using the word chuffed as he said it was far too old fashioned and people didn’t use that word anymore. I said well that is the kind of gal I am, old fashioned and I like the word chuffed so I shall continue to use it and here we are you have now a new word in your repetoire and hopefully with me will encourage people of this modern world to put the word ‘chuffed’ back in to their vocabluary LOL.

        I am so glad yes that we did that newsletter too, it looks absolutely fabulous and I am so excited. I am slowly persuading my husband to make a bug hotel, we are working out mateirals, also I spoke to the woman re the Castelnau one and she said to go back in a few weeks as they are having another big clear up and it will look better, hehe…so I will keep you posted on that.

        I have also joiend the committee yesterday for our local common, it is just a small group of people trying to make the small space we have better, they have planted fruit trees and are gong to try and get a grant for a nature walk for the children, i mentioned bug hotels, they looked wide eyed and had not a clue what i was talking about so now I can send them the link to your newsletter and my other info too, will be great if they go for it xxx


      2. When I looked up the word,it said it was British. So it could have come to America originally but it sure hasn’t made it to 2014. Sounds like it isn’t used in Britain any more either! I like knowing it. I will tell Sreejit about it too. Maybe he will use it in a poem sometime!

        If you do make a bug hotel, send pictures and a story and I will use it in the newsletter!


      3. I wlll re bug hotel, for sure and yes, it is very British the word chuffed and I guess my family were pretty old fashioned..LOL…

        You know what? I would be seriously chuffed if Sreejit wrote a poem on chuffed or with chuffed in it….that would bring a big smile to my face, how fabulous..I won’t hold my breath though incase it doesn’t happen haha…hugs to you xx


  2. Hello Karuna, I have nominated you for the lovely blog award, I don’t know if you know about nominations/awards etc, but its a way for bloggers to show their appreciation for other bloggers and then follow through nominating someone else, kind of like a chain mail but though I hate those I love these, it’s just a great way to say “hey I think your great” plus it shares blog links through to other bloggers, which means possibly more friends etc so all good my end, and I think you are perfect for this particular nomination, if you want to see the chatter and where the nomination is here is the link:


    big huggles xx


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