A Journey into the Blogosphere

Today’s Blogging 101 assignment asked us to go deeper into the blogosphere by looking for new blogs that might be of interest.  The instructors said this was important:

  • Because getting a clearer sense of the breadth and global reach of the blogging community will make your own blogging stronger and richer.
  • Because the more you put yourself out there, the easier it is for others to find you.

So I began my journey into the blogosphere!


I’ve known there was an Ashram Diary blog on Amma’s Amritapuri website for some time but I don’t look at it very often. (Amma is my spiritual teacher and I spend time with her every year in the U.S. and in India).  I decided going to that blog would be a good way to start today’s assignment. I’m sure glad I did. There are so many interesting stories and lots of pictures there!

Next, I decided to Google “Garden blogs.” The first blog that came up was a post which showed a ranked listing of the top fifty garden blogs (as chosen by Blogrank).  I clicked on the top rated blog and found a post about a garden in a sealed bottle that hasn’t been watered in the last 40 years! I decided I wanted to learn more about that bottle garden so I clicked on yet another link.


I discovered that David Latimer, who is now 80, put compost in the bottle in 1960 and then used a wire to carefully lower in a spiderwort seeding. Next, he added a pint of water to the mix. He then sealed the bottle and placed it in a sunny corner. The last time he added water to the bottle was in 1972.  Amazing!  I want to do that!

By now my journey had taken me to four different blogs! Time to leave the computer for awhile.

Photo credit Off2riorob via Wikimedia Commons
Photo credit Off2riorob via Wikimedia Commons

I’m back. This time, I decided to pick a blog from the top 50 list which had a name that  intrigued me. I picked “This Garden is Illegal”. That blog had a post called What Kind of Flower are You Quiz. I, of course, took the quiz and it said I am a Snapdragon. The message that went with the designation was “Mischief is your middle name, but your first is friend. You are quite the prankster that loves to make other people laugh.”  Hmmmm….. I’ve been known to do that!

Having snapdragon as “my flower” seemed even more significant because it was just last week that I planted four snapdragon plants in the top part of my spiral garden.  Also, it was only two weeks ago that I decided to use a picture of last year’s spiral garden as my blog header.  Look at the top of the page and you can see it!

Well, that is the end of my journey into the blogosphere for today.  I hope you are having a good time as you take your day’s journey.

43 thoughts on “A Journey into the Blogosphere

  1. It is so much fantastic things to read out there:) The only thing that stops me from doing it more than I do is time. It takes a lot of time. But every day I meet fascinating people sharing fascinating, interesting, wonderful things. Great post, I enjoyed reading!


      1. You’re both SO right! I use up my time, quite happily, reading other’s posts, instead of writing my own. I truly need to get back into that groove Happy blogging!


    1. If I do, I will let you know! However, I don’t expect to be living 40 years from now, but maybe it will be something Sreejit and Chaitanya can inherit! 🙂


      1. BTW Justine…. take a look at my blog and the results of today’s Blogging 101 assignment. I’ve changed the background colors, used a color pallet and changed the font. I am enjoying the difference.


      2. I needed to get custom design in order to change the font. I decided the effect of the change was significant enough to make a $30 investment. Word Press’ policy of allowing you to preview the changes before buying is good business strategy. It sure worked with me!


  2. The photos definitely add a nice touch to the post which is very informative. I love your header photo (is that what it’s called?)….the one at the top of the page. Your blog looks clean and beautiful. Great job!


  3. That’s pretty interesting about that bottled garden, but somehow it makes me sad that I want them to breathe, but I wander what would happen if he opened up the bottle, maybe the plants couldn’t survive now, outside of that specific environment


    1. Here is another excerpt from the article- “Through photosynthesis, plants acquire the energy needed to grow by absorbing sunlight. Oxygen and moisture in the air are also created in the process; the moisture builds up inside the bottle and “rains” back down on the plants. Leaves that fall to the bottom of the bottle rot and produce the carbon dioxide needed for photosynthesis and nutrition.”

      I noticed he is an Assistant Professor in Physics at the University of Puget Sound!


  4. I love the title,and the theme of your blog. It’s very refreshing. The garden in the header looks very alive. I’m curious now of what flower I am, though i love Hyacinth and Lilies.


    1. If you take the test, and are willing, come back to my blog and let me know the results. It would be fun to hear that you are like one of the flowers you already love. Or maybe it will be a path to discovering a new love!


      1. BTW Oliana, take a look at my blog and the results of today’s Blogging 101 assignment. I’ve changed the background colors, used a color pallet and changed the font!


    1. If I do it, I will definitely blog about it. But it won’t be anytime soon.

      I discovered after I posted that the man who did it is an Assistant Professor at the University of Puget Sound. That university is very close to where I live so now I know it can be done in a part of the country that doesn’t get very warm.

      The garden in the header is a picture of part of my front yard!

      Thanks for visiting my blog.


      1. I’m glad to know another snapdragon! 🙂

        Thanks for nominating me for the award. I completed the process recently so won’t be writing it up again, but I really appreciate your acknowledgement and will be sure to look at your questions, both answered and asked, as well as the other blogs you nominated.

        If you want to see the things I shared about me, look at https://livinglearningandlettinggo.wordpress.com/2014/04/24/thanks-for-the-liebster-award/.

        Thanks again!


      2. I thought I might’ve missed it. You seemed too cool not to have been nominated, though I’m sorry I wasn’t the first to nominate you! 😉


  5. Hey there, Karuna, what an interesting post. The garden in a bottle is fascinating – I’d love to try that out, too. Although I don’t see me getting to it anytime soon! Maybe I’ll read about yours instead! Your blog is looking is terrific by the way!


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