A Surprise View of My Past

I left home at 17 to go to college and had very little contact with my family after that.  About a month ago, my brother Bob emailed me and told me he had my father’s slides.  (My father died in 1999.)  He asked if I would be interested in seeing them.

Bob ended up having them changed into digital format and sent them to me.  I already had some pictures from when I was young, but not many, and they are all in black and white.  These slides are all in color!  Most of them I had never seen before, or at least not in the last 50+ years!  It has been a real treat to have a surprise view of my past.

If you like, you can click on one of the pictures and see them all in a slide show format!


32 thoughts on “A Surprise View of My Past

  1. Lovely set of photos! It’s so wonderful that it’s been coloured as well.

    When my family moved from the Philippines to Singapore almost a decade ago we didn’t have the luxury to bring a lot of childhood photos. When I finally visited my old home last year I couldn’t even find those old albums as the new tenants had thrown some of our shelves and cabinets. I still feel regretful over it.


    1. Yes I was delighted to see them. Having them be in color made them so “real”. They brought back some good memories but more than anything I think they brought curiosity about the past.


    1. I love that one too. I had those suitcases for about 20 years I think. There was also a picture of me walking up the stairs to the plane, but I decided not to include that one. There were about 70 slides so I had to make choices about what to put up!


  2. Love them!! My Mom passed in 2010 and Dad asked if I wanted the albums in the backroom. I took all the old ones. I also grabbed the slides. Great treasures!! I have one of my Great Grandmas albums, that one is fun and I now have to look at the family tree to find some of the unknown people. This was a great post, thanks!!


  3. I love these photos, Karuna; so glad you posted them and let us know about them. My favorite is the one with you in the pale pink dress holding the present (yours? maybe for someone else?) – your curly blond hair is so beautiful and you are beaming (perhaps with a bit of “MINE!” and curiosity and even some hesitation in that smile). And, oh, how I remember saltwater sandals!

    I understand your curiosity – what are the stories surrounding the events, people, places documented in this history? (that’s a rhetorical question for pondering!)


  4. I had one of those tiny little sewing machinges. Don’t know if I ever really used it much, though. Thanks for sharing your past. I love the pic of you with your dress all flared out and one of the three little sailors!..Judy


    1. The one with my dress flared out was my favorite. I had never seen it before. The sailor one I had seen in black and white so it wasn’t as much of a surprise. It was fun seeing it in color though.


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