9 Reasons My Ancestor Would Return to Their Grave

I had to laugh when I read the Word Press Daily Post challenge for today. The challenge was to answer the following question: “If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?”

I can just imagine the look on my ancestor’s face as they walked into my house for dinner. Since my adult children are visiting from India now, it makes it even easier to imagine. I don’t think it would matter what ancestor it was, they would likely all be shocked. Let me count the ways.

1) I am from German/Scottish ancestry and I married an African-American man in 1971.

2) We had two mixed race children.

3) My husband and I divorced in the 80’s but did a good job of raising our children together.

4) I helped take care of him in the hospital when he had a severe heart attack in 2002. Even the physicians and hospital staff were shocked saying that exs don’t do things like that.

5) Since then, he and I have become friends again.

6) While I know I am a Christian my ancestors, and a lot of other people, would not agree.

7) I met Amma, a humanitarian and spiritual leader in 1989 and have been a student of hers ever since. While she was raised in a Hindu culture, people of all religions come to her. When asked what religion she is, she responds, “My religion is Love”.

8) My son, Sreejit, lived in Amma’s California ashram from 1994 to 2010 and has lived in her India ashram since 2009.

9) My daughter, Chaitanya, has lived in Amma’s ashram in India since 1998.

There is no doubt I could find many more things to add to this list, but I’d say this would be plenty of shock for one day! Who knows though, perhaps my ancestor would react differently than I am predicting.

23 thoughts on “9 Reasons My Ancestor Would Return to Their Grave

  1. Maybe your ancestor likes Indian food? You might have an interesting, civilized conversation about how things have changed since they’ve passed. 🙂


  2. A mixed race child was one of the things I wrote about too – having such strong family connections to Amma’s ashrams might shock some but personally I think it is a wonderful and beautiful thing.


  3. Everyday, as a blogger, my life is opened up to a new learning experience. Today, through your post, I was guided to find out more about Amma’s Ashram. Of course, I GOOGLED. And, I found http://www.psitsglobal.blogspot.com, which provided a further introduction. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life today; and, I think your ancestors would be pleased.


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