Open My Heart

Amma and babyAmma’s here! Being with Amma is when I feel most alive, most happy, most loved, most seen and most known. As I was reflecting on my 25+ years with her this morning I remembered a song that a friend of mine, Amritapriya Schmidt, wrote many years ago. I still think it is so beautiful.  She gave me permission to share the lyrics with you.

 Open My Heart

 Help me to open my heart to you,
losing myself I will melt into your arms
Allow me to feel the peace of surrender,
filled with the joy of your love.

I feel such emptiness when you are far away.
Sadly I sit like a bird that cannot fly.
If I could behold your sweet form right inside me,
I’d never be lonely again.

Searching for happiness I’ve traveled many roads,
some have been joyful and some were full of pain.
Only when you hold me can I start believing,
pure love can never go away.

Living in illusion I don’t know what to feel.
If this is dreaming, why is the pain so real?
When will you give me a glimpse of the freedom
I’ve waited so long to see?

I am a prisoner of doubt and of fear,
bound like a slave on a boat I cannot steer.
How long must sail on this sea of confusion
before you will carry me ashore?

Mother only you know the secrets of my heart,
only your eyes see the yearning in my soul.
Only to your ears can I tell all my sorrows
knowing that you will always hear.

Help me to open my heart to You,
losing myself I will melt into your arms
Allow me to feel the peace of surrender
filled with the joy of your love.

Amma will be in North America until mid July. If you want to get your hug, you can find her tour schedule here.

Written for Traces of the Soul Prompt 3:  Opening the Door to Your Heart


18 thoughts on “Open My Heart

  1. Ah Karuna, this IS beautiful. I was expecting something as moving and touching as this from you.Reading this on my phone this morning it added sunshine inside my room. Thank you for sharing this and to your friend for allowing us to read it. Oliana, xx


      1. Being in the presence of Amma is also full of challenges with all that I still need to work on bubbling to the surface. So it isn’t easy, but it is worth it!


  2. Very lovely poem. I really wish I could meet her. I just don’t think I will have the time or a way to do so. I hope you will have a blessed visit with her.


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