My First Fiction!

When I woke up this morning the sun was streaming through my window. Another gloriously beautiful day in Seattle! What an incredible summer we are having.


I went outside for a walk. As I was descending the stairs that leads to Cheasty Boulevard, I noticed there was an envelope lying on the ground.

Curious, I picked it up and looked inside. Folded neatly inside was a card. (Clicking on any photo will make it bigger.)

Reading the letter touched my heart.Β  This should be in the mother’s hands not mine.Β  I immediately went home, wrote a sign and posted it on the bulletin board near the stairs.

20140606_092051May Grace prevail and this letter get to the person for whom it was intended.


Written for Writing 101 Day #5 Assignment: You discover a letter on a path that affects you deeply. Today, write about this encounter. And your twist? Be as succinct as possible.

28 thoughts on “My First Fiction!

      1. Oh my gosh Karuna! I forgot you were writing fiction! That’s it– you are a fiction writer in addition to your other talents! Lol!


      2. I’m laughing! I’m glad I made it that real for you.

        It was fun getting the envelope, writing the letter and the sign for the neighborhood bulletin board and then taking them to their appropriate places to take the pictures!


  1. This did seem so real, Karuna and I was already imagining the reason why it was left behind, thinking of what has become of Barbara’s mom…well done!!! That photo is just perfect!


      1. The prompt was from the Writing 101 course that started this past Monday. Most of the things I have written this week have come from that. It would be awesome if you joined the course. Ir isn’t too late.

        It goes Monday through Friday for a month. Here is the link:

        You already have the blogging habit but it would still be a way for you to get access to a lot of good prompts as well as people who want to read your responses! There is a separate Commons site where we can post the links to our posts and receive and give feedback if we want to.


    1. I am really glad that idea came to my mind too! Pictures have become a big part of my writing. I find that very fascinating since for most of my life I have had no interest in pictures.Having an Android phone makes it so easy.


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