A Journey into the Jungle

This post is the story of a journey that the adventurous part of me (AP) and the sometimes scared kid part of me (KP) took this morning! (If you click on the pictures in each section you will be able to see them as a slide show.)

AP: “Today we are going to participate in Bastet’s Pixelventures for the first time!” The assignment is to take a picture of something looking up!”

KP:  “That sounds like fun. What will we take a picture of?”

AP:  “How about a photo of the big, gray concrete house on the next block? It is different and it goes straight up.”

KP: “That house is weird. I suppose it would be okay but it is pretty boring.”

AP: “Oh….. I know! There is that gorgeous big tree in the lot behind our house. We can walk there and take a picture!”

KP: “That tree is down a BIG hill and that lot is a JUNGLE. I don’t know about this.”

AP: “Come on! It will be an adventure! I will be with you!”

KP: “Ohhhhhhh…………Okay…….. I will do it.”

So we set out on our adventure

KP: “That part was easy.”

KP: “But look at what is ahead. There isn’t even a path!”

AP: “We will make one.”

KP: “The land is going straight down! I can’t even see the ground because it is all blackberries. If I fall I’m going to get hurt!”


AP: “You are right. If we fall in the blackberries it will hurt at least a little. It would mostly sting. I wish I had brought gloves for both of us. Take my hand. We will go the rest of the way very slowly, just a few steps at a time so we don’t fall.”

AP:  “Do you see how far we have come already? We don’t have that much further to go. ”


KP: “We are too far from the house. If we get hurt no one will find us for days! Maybe they will never find us!”

AP: “We aren’t going to get hurt. But if I am wrong, we will both scream and scream until someone hears us. Remember there are other houses near our house, and if you look over to the right, there is a house you don’t even know about hidden in the trees. That one is very close. We won’t get stuck out here.

KP: “Oh…. Okay…..Look how close we are getting to the tree now!”

AP: “We are here!

KP: “We made it! YAY!”

AP: “Look up! See how beautiful it is. I am going to take some pictures.”

KP: “Can I take pictures too?”

AP: “Sure. Why don’t you sit at the bottom of the tree and take some looking straight up!”

KP: “Cool!”

AP: “I will send one of these pictures to Bastet’s Pixelventures and then put the rest of them on my blog.”

KP: “That’s a good idea.”

AP: “Let’s head back home.”

KP: “Wait a minute. There is no path. Why is there not a path?”

AP: “That is strange. There should be a path now that we’ve walked down here. Let’s go this way.”

KP: “There is no path. We are going to get lost. This is a bigger jungle than the one we walked into before.”

AP: “You are right, this is very much a jungle, but look over there. I see the path we made.”

KP: “Yay…. Let’s go!!!”

20140610_073451AP: “Almost home. What a grand adventure we’ve had. And it is only 7:30 in the morning!”

KP: “We did good!”

AP: “Yes we did! You were very brave”

KP: “Where can we go tomorrow?”


Written for Writing 101 Day #7 Assignment:


20 thoughts on “A Journey into the Jungle

  1. What a lovely post and story Karuna. I love your photos and the “ups” are just perfect for Pixelventures this week. Thanks for first time link in! Bastet


    1. I’m glad you liked it! Thanks so much for letting me know.

      I was feeling a bit insecure about sending photos to you since I’m not a photographer and am taking my pictures using an Android phone!

      I’m already looking forward to next week’s Pixelventures challenge!


      1. Thanks Karuna.

        Actually, Pixelventures isn’t a much of a place for pros (who usually snob us and probably rightly so). We Drink was born as a Poet’s den) eventually our readers asked for story prompts and photo prompts and art prompts and – and – and and being a democratic group we tried to give them what they wanted) … so many of the people who do do photos for fun have been afraid of posting too because they don’t write.

        Pixelventures is basically a hybrid I don’t know what. My idea was to encourage our poets to use their own work on their posts … and to have fun playing around with photos however they took them – phone or a big super whopper camera.

        Thanks for letting me know about your doubts and I’ll be looking forward to reading and looking at your photos next week! Bastet


      2. Thanks so much for this information. It is very helpful!

        I look forward to continuing with your weekly challenge. I had a lot of fun with it yesterday…….


    1. I would have to go look, but I don’t think that tree is one of the highest. Some of the trees on that lot have to be 150-200 feet tall. I don’t know how to even guess actually.


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