A Treat for Us!

I have so few memories of my childhood, but occasionally snippets come to my mind. One of those snippets has surfaced several time lately.

My mother loved to make desserts. Pies, cakes, bars, cookies, puddings– all were regular features in our house. Seven days a week, we expected and were given a desert for both lunch and dinner. When my mother made pies, I knew a special treat was in store for us.

After my mother rolled out the pie dough, assembled the pie, and placed it in the oven, the fun would begin. She would gather the extra dough from the pie crust, and roll it out into an 1/8 inch thick rectangle.  Sometimes my brothers and I were allowed to help with that part!

Next, she would sprinkle the top of the rectangle with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon, roll it into a log and then cut it into ½ inch segments. She would then place the segments on a baking sheet and put the baking sheet in the oven. When the cinnamon rolls started turning brown, she took them out of the oven, cooled them a little and then handed them over to us!  What happened from there is obvious!

(After I wrote this memory, I decided to google left over pie dough cinnamon sugar to see what came up. I’d say that a lot of people must have childhood memories like mine!)


Written for Writing 101 Assignment Day #10


21 thoughts on “A Treat for Us!

  1. There was no baking in my childhood, but there was a bakery and they sold “pinwheels” and I loved them. Your description took me right back to them. What a nice memory.


      1. I used to make those with Grandmaman after she baked her pies…and would sneak in a few mouthfuls of raw dough sprinkled with sugar…still love it.


      2. It is interesting how many people have had them. And some bakeries apparently even carry them! I imagine your Grandmaman didn’t call them nun farts…. or did she?


      3. Of course, we all call them that! It was fun because I felt like I could say a bad word in front of adults as long as it was about that pastry 😉


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