Soon after I returned from India in January, I received a series of emails from neighbors letting me know they had been robbed.  In the 40 years I’ve lived here, I’ve had only one break-in.  That was in the 70’s and was clearly the work of a child.  l made that conclusion at the time because the thief had ignored the boombox and other things that were of value.  The only item taken was a piggy bank.  They then dropped the piggy bank as they fled down the back stairs.  Loose change was scattered everywhere.

The robberies that are happening now, however, are more serious.  Laptops, jewelry, and money seem to be the most sought after items.

I was quite nervous about this string of burglaries.  The next time I was in my hall closet, my passports caught my eye.  There were two old ones in addition to the current one.  I chastised myself for leaving something that valuable in such an unsecured location.

I decided to lock the expired passports in my legal document file.  The current one, I would leave in an even safer place.  Why I didn’t put it in the locked file cabinet I will never know.  As you might suspect, I now have no clue where I hid it.

In three weeks, I am going to Toronto and need a passport to cross the border.  I’ve spent the last month tearing the house apart looking for it.  It seems to me I’ve looked everywhere multiple times.

Now I’m even going into old boxes. A few days ago I opened a box and FOUND pictures I hadn’t seen for many years.  I love them.  Here is a sampling:



I am SO glad I found the pictures.  Now if I could only find the passport!


Written for Writing 101 Assignment #13 – Write about finding something

5 thoughts on “FOUND!

  1. They are so adorable!! Looks like Saint Antoine is slacking on the job (sigh) but you remind me that I still have not renewed my passport…will have to go in person now.


  2. I hope you find your passport. Those Canadian border police have become stringent in their ID checks. Growing up in Michigan, I remember when they would just ask us how we were doing before letting us over the bridge.


    1. I’ve had problems several times going into Canada. It used to be that only the U.S. guards were so tough.

      I tried to apply for an expedited passport on Friday. They said I was too late even though it is three weeks before the trip. They told me to wait until next week and go for an urgent one!

      I’m still hoping mine will materialize in front of me! 🙂


  3. Putting things in a “safe” place is the bane of my existence. Nowadays whenever I have the genius idea to move something to a safe place, I try to remind myself that that means I’ll never find it again.


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