I don’t like waiting.  If something is wrong, I want to fix it NOW!  If I have an idea, I want to create it NOW.  I don’t even like to wait in lines.  The reality of course is that everything in my life is not under my control.  Learning to let go and let things unfold in their own time is a lesson I am likely to be working on my entire life.

When I think about the word “waiting,” one of the memories that comes to my mind is “waiting to become pregnant”  Al and I married in September 1971.  Right from the beginning, we wanted to add a child to our new family.  I think at that time I had the misconception that if I wanted to be pregnant, I would get pregnant right away.

Not so.  Month after month my period came, each time heralding the delay of our dream for yet another month.  Months turned into a year.  And a year turned into two years.  Still no baby.  As I remember it, at that time 26 years of age was considered “old” for having a first child.  We began to have doubts that we would ever become parents. Thankfully being childless was not to be our fate.

I finally became .pregnant in March of 1974.  I was studying for my Masters of Nursing degree at the University of Washington at the time.  I must have been told that the pregnancy test was positive on a school day, because I remember crossing the gigantic intersection where NE Pacific Street crosses Montlake Boulevard soon after I found out.  As I walked in front of the cars who were waiting for the street light to turn green, I saw that the person sitting in the first car was my doctor.  I went running over to him, practically screaming “I’m PREGNANT”!  He laughed.  I still can’t believe I did that, but I can enjoy the memory all the same.

On December 13, 1974, we welcomed Michael Lee Poole (who later changed his name to Sreejit) into our lives.  There couldn’t have been a better ending to our waiting!

sreejit 19740001(I know that nowadays so many couples are struggling with true infertility, trying for year after year to conceive their beloved child.  Sometimes they are never able to make that dream a reality.  Know I am in no way implying that my experience was even remotely as painful as those of you who are in that situation.)


Written for Traces of the Soul Prompt Week 7:  Waiting

16 thoughts on “Waiting…..

  1. Oh I love this, Karuna. Another thing in common…it took me years to get pregnant for my first child and I was married in 1971 too!! Waiting is long…went to fertility clinic a year before I finally got pregnant,the year I almost gave us and was going back to university…found out in March and told my English teacher I would put my education on hold for a bit. thanks for participating.


  2. This was interesting read for a guy´s perspective, at least for this guy here. Did make me smile that you would actually scream to a random person you are pregnant. I´d probably hit the gas pedal in a hurry. And I´m pretty sure that at your age, not that I´m that much old now,31, the girl told me she was pregnant…phew! I´d take a canoe if need be and pedal(maybe spelled that wrong) my way to the North Pole.


    1. I’m laughing at the scene you described. I can certainly see why you would take off so fast!

      You missed one important piece of information though. It wasn’t a random person. I had noticed that the person in the car was my family doctor, a person who knew how important this moment was to me.

      So he understood my excitement and was enjoying it.

      Thanks for starting my morning with a laugh. I appreciate it. And thanks for reading my post and commenting.


      1. Seems I left a little piece of crucial information….I´d probably leave the kid in the supermarket once every every day! If the girls sends me for food, I tend to come with half of what she said. So if you add on top that I´m carrying a kid it´s quite a good chance I´d get home say “hey babe, here it is”a big fat stupid smile on my face feeling happy that I didn´t miss out the eggs or bread, or milk, or the list can go on, and the first words out of her mouth would be “Where is my kid!!!!” Holy shit, I´m actually making a service to humanity for not having a kid. Go figure how that little bastard would turn out.

        Hope your having a good day, glad you had a little laugh in the morning. Always good to start the day with a laugh. 🙂


      2. I agree it is always good to start the day with a laugh.

        And it was also fun to see that as bizarre as my behavior was, it could have been a whole lot more bizarre!


      3. I wasn’t calling YOUR behavior bizarre. I was calling MY behavior bizarre!

        I appreciated your story. Thanks for sharing it with me.


      4. I realized another potential misunderstanding. When I said I realized my behavior could have been even more bizarre, I wasn’t referring to your supermarket story (which was a good story!). I was referring to the possibility that I could have run up to a random stranger! 🙂


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