Bastet’s Pixelventures: Illustrate the Poem


The winding road of life
Takes me from project to project …
I wander along these dusty roads,
Encountering friends and sometime foes,
I can’t help contemplating
Upon the purpose of my existence.

20140624_202517Is there some hidden meaning here …
Is there some magic power?
Can the Universe be swayed by us …
The babies of the hour

20140624_200505Yet many walk in haunty bliss
Sure of the importance of their thoughts
Bastet wonders and thinks as she observes the sky:
Compared to eternity
What is a gnat’s life?

(C) G.s.k. 14
Instructions from Bastet:  What is the prompt?  Illustrate the poem.  I would usually find a photo that somehow, in a photographic form, tries to convey in picture form the idea I’m trying to get across in a poem or short story. So, instead of using my photo as your prompt, I invite you to use my poem and find a photo or maybe artwork that you feel is suitable!

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