I Met Cheryl-Lynn!

20140713_212700I first became aware of Cheryl-Lynn when I read a comment she made on my son Sreejit’s blog The Seeker’s Dungeon. After reading subsequent comments from her, I realized I consistently resonated with the things she said. I decided to look at her blog Cher Shares and discovered she was a counselor. No wonder we had similar ways of thinking; I am also a counselor. Once I started my own blog in March of this year, we began corresponding regularly.

Cheryl–Lynn was interested in the posts that Sreejit and I wrote about Amma. When she learned Amma was coming to Toronto, she decided she wanted to go check her out for herself. I was going to Amma’s Toronto programs as well, so we decided to room together. It was so nice to be able to meet in person.

Throughout the time we have been corresponding via the blogs, we have been surprised by how much we have in common. After coming home from Toronto, we made a list! I know we have identified even more commonalities since we first talked in March, but these are the ones we remember!

  • we are counselors
  • we are close in age
  • we both have long, straight hair
  • we were both 5′ 8″ inches in height at some point in our life, but are 5′ 7″ now
  • we both had doll collections from around the world as a child
  • we both have/had difficult relationships with our dads
  • I was born into a military family and she was born in a place where there was a military base
  • both of us had relatives who invited us to live with them when we were children; we both remained at home
  • we both live in North America
  • we both have a son and a daughter who are now adults
  • it took both of us more time to get pregnant than we wanted
  • our sons were born first
  • our fathers only saw our children once
  • we have both either dated or married an African American man
  • we both married in 1971
  • we both have good relationships with our ex-husbands
  • she has wanted to go to India and I go there regularly
  • we are both known for being compassionate
  • we are both drawn to compassionate people
  • neither of us likes being photographed
  • we LOVE blogging

I love how the world of blogging has created the opportunity for new friendships. It was so much fun to be able to meet and talk in person!  And I really appreciated the opportunity to share the experience of being with Amma with Cheryl-Lynn.


30 thoughts on “I Met Cheryl-Lynn!

  1. Awe thars lovely I would love to meet both of you and Amma (I don’t want much do I?)

    How was Cheryl’s expeorence with Amma? I’m so excited she got to see her

    What an amazing time you must have had 🙂


    1. I don’t know that I will ever be at the London programs, and I don’t know if Sreejit will go again, but my daughter will be there for sure. So you can certainly meet her if you choose to go!

      Who knows, perhaps we will all meet in India some day. 🙂

      It would be better for you to ask Cheryl about her experience. Do you have her email address?

      And yes, we had an amazing time….


  2. I have met so many new people on line and, oftentimes, speculate about their lives offline. I am happy you had the opportunity to connect offline with one of your blogging friends.


  3. We sure DO love blogging and writing…My week off and no internet on my return is quite unsettling but my scribbler is getting filled:) Great post, Karuna. I may do a fun epilogue…I’ll email you before posting.


  4. Isn’t blogging wonderful? I’ve “met” so many interesting, talented, smart people on here (like you!) that I would never have a chance to meet in the real world. Then again, you mentioned Toronto several times. I live in California now but I’m from that area 🙂


      1. Did you ever see Sai Baba… He looked thru my mother and cleansed her soul…


      2. I never saw him but I know people who did. He sent people to Amma every now and then. And when he passed even more of his devotees came.


      3. My mother knew every verse of the Gita. Yet she was closed minded.. She went to Bangalore and she came back totally changed…


      4. I understand. I went through a major change on the June 1989 night I met Amma. I had been invited to go to the programs and “yes” came out of my mouth even though I had no interest in spirituality whatsoever. I left there having found HOME.


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