Dungeon Prompts is Back!

The primary reason I started my blog last March was so I would be able to answer the prompts that come from The Seekers’s Dungeon every Thursday morning. I had been reading both the prompts and the bloggers’ responses for more than a year and I wanted to be able to write posts myself.

Sreejit put Dungeon Prompts on hiatus after his May 1, 2014 prompt and I had no idea when he was going to restart them. When I turned on my computer this morning, I was surprised and pleased to discover that today was the day!

It is always interesting to see what topic he comes up with.  Whatever it is, I know I will have to dig deep inside to find my answer. The reason I am mentioning this now is because I’m thinking some of you might enjoy participating this season. If you don’t have a blog it is fine to write an answer and post it in the comments section of the prompt.

To see this week’s prompt go to: Dungeon Prompts- Season 3, Week 1


4 thoughts on “Dungeon Prompts is Back!

    1. That’s funny. No it isn’t about dungeons and dragons. But I wonder how you would answer his first prompt. Do you know what a prompt is?

      This week he asked us what our concept of God is. Do you know what God is? If you do, how do you think of God?

      I look forward to hearing your answer. I’m curious what a dog like you would say.


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