Last week I went to Sanskrita Bharati camp for three days.
गतसप्ताहे दिनत्रयम् अहं संस्कृत- भारती-शिबिरम् अगच्छम्

I did not tell my Sanskrit teacher.
मम संस्कृत-अध्यापिकां न अवदम् |

I desired to make her surprised.
अहं तां विस्मयं कर्तुं इष्टवती |

The people in the camp were wonderful.
जनाः शिबिरे अद्भुताः आसन् |

All the classes were only in Sanskrit, no English
सर्वे वर्गा: संस्कृते एव, न आङ्ग्ले |

My teachers were Padmakumar from NYC and Nitish from Portland.
द्वौ अद्यापकौ पद्मकुमर: New York-नगरतः नितीषः Portland-नगरतः च आस्ताम् |

I understood more Sanskrit than last year.
अहं गतवर्षस्य अपेक्षया इतोपि संस्कृतं आवगच्छम् |

In the camp, I learned a lot more Sanskrit.
शिबिरे अहं बहु संस्कृतं अपठम् |

I am very happy
मम बहु सन्तोषः अस्ति


28 thoughts on “संस्कृतभारतीशिबिरम्

    1. She found out when I sent her the first draft of this post to look at! I was really glad she didn’t already know. It was fun to surprise her.

      Her response: “Wow! Really? Cool!!” She went on to say that we would need to “iron out” the sentences some….. and we did!


      1. 🙂 Awesome. You MUST be her favorite. I think I need to follow you by email so you don’t have to remind me. Having Long and Short term Amnesia is a problem but emails are good reminders. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. She doesn’t do favorites, but I know she is glad I want to learn Sanskrit!

        And I’m happy that you want to follow my blog closer! You are right, it is much easier to learn about posts using email rather than depending on the Reader. I am usually so far behind in reading those posts.


      3. As a former teacher, I’ll let you in on a secret. She may not SAY she has a favorite . . . but you ROCK! 😉 Just saying. I love this site. Everything is so beautiful and peaceful. I am glad I did email. 🙂 (I also use Twitter to see when things come up when people have their blogs connected and the posts going out that way.)
        Much Admiration of You

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I love to hear that you find my blog beautiful and peaceful. Thanks for the kind words.

        I don’t do social media like Facebook or Twitter. I never say never, but at this point I still don’t want to go that way. My blog is enough!


      5. Oh, people don’t actually do twitter, some just have the account to like advertise their blogs. 🙂 I know some that never even log in once they have everything set up. 🙂 But I know what you mean. All of them together and trying to keep up is a headache at times. I like Twitter because of the Direct Message part to just have conversations with other blogger friends. It’s kind of cool. PLEASE let me know if you ever do it. And I have tips on how to do stuff on my blog if you ever do go that way.
        Much Respect & Love to my New Friend


      1. That is awesome! I just read your story about the worms. An excellent lesson. I am not sure why my email was not getting your post but I have now clicked on follow by email again. I’ve missed a lot!


  1. You are just amazing, Karuna!!! wow! and you are teacher’s pet but she just won’t tell ya:) I am looking for the book and cd that I wanted to purchase at the retreat but they ran out on pronouncing Sanskrit properly in the songs and chants…don’t know where to look to buy them on line.


    1. I’ve been meaning to look for them for you. I will leave myself a note to do it tomorrow. If I don’t get back to you, remind me!

      I know about the CDs. What book do you mean? The little book you bought has the chants.


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