19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    1. I was so stunned when I saw that flower….. or I should say flowers. There were several of them! And I was happy the shot came out so well. Thanks for telling me how much you liked it.


      1. I glimpsed through it but not sure I want to write about that…I have reblogged some things on my other blog, and written some poetry…not sure I want to go there right now…I don`t want to feel anger this week, if that makes sense. we have racism here too, some police are not nice to mentally ill, but we are in heaven here compared to America…I am so glad I no longer have t.v.


      2. You know, I cannot do my job well if I am influenced with the bigotry, the racism, the injustice in the world. Michael Brown`s death touched me more than I want to talk about…in Toronto we have Regent park where so many African Americans die for naught! in Montreal North, police shot a young black boy dead…for nothing, racial profiling…I am so ashamed of our society sometimes…so ashamed.


      3. I remember when I date my goreous fella last year, (I call him my black knight). He said that in Canada we are very polite to your face but at least in America you know where you stand. I tend agree. In Quebec we are quite transparent (the French anyway) as anglophones are more conservative and diplomatic which we here translate sometimes as hypocritical.


      4. I had to look up the word anglophones…. never heard it before! I think it depends where you live in America. A lot of this country is “polite” also.

        I’m headed for bed. So tired. It has been nice talking with you….. and it all started with the picture of the flower:)


      5. In Quebec they always use anglophone, francophone and allophones (every other language) Your flower burst forth many thoughts…you can read in the morning under Dear Emma:) Sleep well.


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