मम बहु विविधाः अन्तरः भावाः सन्ति

मम बहु-विधाः अन्तर्-भावाः सन्ति
mama bahu-vidhaaha antar-bhaavaaha santi

I have many different feelings


मम सन्तोषाः यदा पठामि लिखामि गायामि शाकवाटिकायां कर्यं करोमि वा
mama santoshaaha yadaa pathaami likhaami gaayaami shakavaathikaayaam kaaryam karomi vaa

I have happiness when I read, write, sing or work in the garden.


मम दुःखः सम्यक् न यदा गायामि
mama dukhaha samyak na yadaa gaayaami

I have sadness when I don’t sing well.


मम भयं यदा चिन्ता भवति
mama bhayam yadaa cintaa bhavati

I have fear when I worry.


मम कोप: जनाः मह्यं असत्यं यदा वदन्ति
mama kopaha janaaha mahyam asantam yadaa vadanti

I have anger when people lie to me.



4 thoughts on “मम बहु विविधाः अन्तरः भावाः सन्ति

  1. Impressive work, Karuna. this must be such a difficult language. Learning a new language is fascinating because you don’t just learn words but you understand something of the culture as well. I have fear when I worry too btw! 🙂


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