God is Able

Every year, I spend the Christmas season in Amritapuri, Amma’s ashram in Kerala, India.  One of the highlights of the season is that on Christmas eve the Western residents present a Christmas play.  For the last five years, they have been Broadway style musicals.  That event is even more special to me because my daughter Chaitanya writes and directs the plays and my son composes most of the musical scores.  In addition, he works with the singers and plays the harmonium, an instrument that has a keyboard and bellows.

While Chaitanya and Sreejit work on the plays all year round, the practices with the actors, singers and dancers don’t start until early December.  That is also when the costume and set design begins.  It is always amazing to see what the participants accomplish in such a short time.  There are so many talented people who put untold numbers of hours into making the plays a reality.  If I remember right, last year the cast and supporting staff numbered about 165.

Last week, friends and I watched the DVD of God is Able, the 2012 play.  It was so much fun to see it again.


I love all of the music in that play, but my favorite song is the one sung by the choir towards the end.  (I’m part of the choir!)  I still remember the gasp that came from the audience when the curtains opened to reveal us in our shiny robes.  I also remember the audience’s loud applause when we finished singing.

That song is titled Dear God.  Sreejit wrote the music and Chaitanya wrote the words.  Sreejit was a preacher in the play and is the man singing one of the solos in the recording.

The mp3 recording and the lyrics are below.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

“Dear God” lyrics:

When you feel like darkness has you bound
And you can’t see any way to get out
There’s a power which surrounds us all
Through God anything is possible

Never fear
Never let your doubts draw near
With courage face all that comes
Put your trust into God’s arms
He’ll protect you from all harm
His love will carry you on through

Dear God, hold us tight never let us leave thy sight
Dear God, fill our soul with your love make us whole

Sreejit singing above the choir:

God is able to calm the wild storm
God is able to make the weak strong
God is able to bring change within
God is able to do all things

10 thoughts on “God is Able

  1. Ah written like a proud mama 🙂 I understand this post better after having read Sreejit’s on Practice…it was so nice to see his photos as well. Some faces I have even seen and Cahitanya’s gorgeous smile!! You have every reason to be proud of your children. When I see young people like that I usually tell them, tell your Maman and Papa, they done good!! 😀


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