Gratitude Sunday: धन्यवाद: मार्ल (Thank You Marla)

I have a lifetime pattern of having essentially no interest in sports.  Last year that changed in a big way. Starting with the third game, I began to feel drawn to watch the Seahawks play football.  From then on, I made a priority of watching every game. During the six weeks I was in India, I would follow the scoring on my Android.  If the game occurred while I was asleep, checking the final score was my first priority of the morning.

“Watching” at first meant having the game on the t.v. while I did many other things. As a result, I missed most of the plays. Soon I was truly watching and by the playoffs and the Superbowl, I was practically riveted to the game.

Seattle went crazy with Seahawk fever. Good crazy though. I don’t think anything had ever brought this city together to that extent. People from all over the state came to the victory parade that followed the Seahawks Superbowl win. The estimated attendance was 700,000, more people than the population of Seattle!  Even I was there.

The sense of community was amazing and it continues. Seahawks signs are everywhere and you regularly see people wearing Seahawk jerseys, especially on game day and on Fridays.

सोमवसर-मध्यह्नकाले मम मित्रं मां विस्मितं कृतवती
On Monday afternoon, my friend Marla surprised me.

सा उपादानं मां दत्तवती
She gave me a gift.

एतत् Seahawk-युतकं आसीत्
It was a Seahawks shirt.

मम बहु-सन्तेषः
I was very happy!

सोमवसर-सायंकाले युतकं Seahawk-क्रीडाय़ां अहं धृतवती
On Monday evening, I wore the shirt during the Seahawks game.

धन्यवाद: मार्ल
Thank you Marla


On this Gratitude Sunday, I am also thankful to:

Madhavi for teaching me Sanskrit and editing this post.

Pete Carroll for inspiring and guiding his players with methods and values that are not part of traditional football.

The Seahawk team for giving their all and providing exciting games that have created such a tight community in this city, state and region.

The city of Seattle for coming together in such an unified way.

9 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday: धन्यवाद: मार्ल (Thank You Marla)

  1. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun with the Seahawks. I enjoyed the last part about your gratitude to “Pete Carroll for inspiring and guiding his players with methods and values that are not part of traditional football.” I am left with a curiosity about what he is doing that is inspiring and non traditional. Is this something you could share easily?

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