Crocheted Afghans for the Homeless

In 2004, Seattle Amma satsang members joined together to make crocheted afghans for men and women who were moving from the streets into transitional housing.  The afghans were all made from scrap yarn.  Each of us crocheted as many squares as possible and then we mixed and matched the squares to create the beautiful blankets.

Here are pictures of some of the afghans we made:

This project was inspired by a group called Warm Up America.

21 thoughts on “Crocheted Afghans for the Homeless

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      1. Thank you Karuna; I appreciate you looking. I suspect that whilst my blog is still listed as one that you follow, it is set for you not to receive email notifications. In other words, unless you look at the Reader (which you don’t), you will be unaware of any activity. Weirdly, this seems to be the default WP setting; and so when people subscribe to follow your or my blog, unless they think to switch email notifications on, then they’ll only be aware of new posts via the Reader – which like yourself, hardly anyone uses!

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    1. It was fun for me to see the pictures of them again after all of these years. Many wonderful memories.

      “Warm Up America” was not the name of our group. It is a national group that has a huge number of people participating. I know there is a chapter in Canada as well.

      Amma, the leader of our spiritual community, is a humanitarian who has an extensive network of charitable programs. We called our afghan group “Amma’s Helpers.”


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      1. Sorry I have not visited in a while. I bought a new computer too and upgraded to windows 7 – it has been a bit of a process! Lol!

        Yes, I have enrolled in blogging 201 and am looking forward to learning new things.

        I am flying to Melbourne tomorrow to visit a friend for 3 weeks so not sure how many assignments I will get done! Lovely to talk to you again, Karuna and have fun with blogging 201! Have a wonderful day. 🙂


      2. I’m learning Windows 8 and that has been a stretch too! But more problem is the seemingly endless number of issues with both computers. But it is nice to have the new one working well before the class begins. I look forward to learning new things. Have fun in Melbourne!


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