October Surprise

This has been a summer unlike any I have ever experienced in Seattle.  I think there were around 46 days with temperatures in the 80’s.  While that may be normal, or even cool, for most of the country, it is unheard of here.  I think the last time this happened was in 1958.  Even though we are now in the last half of October, it is still warmer than normal.

I have been using my pellet stove in the mornings but haven’t turned on the house heat yet.  Squash, tomatoes and eggplant are still growing in the garden.

Look at the flower I cut this morning!  The colors aren’t quite as vibrant as earlier in the year, but it is still beautiful.



This is the first post written after activating a different theme (i.e. a new format, new colors, etc.).   Considering changing to a new theme was part of Blogging 201:  Assignment 2

17 thoughts on “October Surprise

  1. Beautiful picture! 🙂 I took a similar one on Sunday, only yours looks more perfect. We had a quite unusual summery weather for the second half of October, it was beautiful! Now it has cooled off a bit, but that day was just a gift.


  2. I LOVE your new look, Karuna!! It was 25 C (78F)up to 3 days ago and now it has dipped down to 5 C (37F) what a change eh? the rain won’t stop much, it is a cold drizzle, so I took the day off today…the humidity affects my sinuses and so many are sick at work and public transit…such a germy time of year…yuck! I have missed you!! but think of you when I chant my mantra:)


    1. It is supposed to storm tonight and tomorrow….. 3-5 inches of rain in some places. They are forecasting a mild winter for us though.

      Regarding the new look, I am taking Blogging 201 and one of my goals was to change my theme. I liked the first one I tried so was experimenting with it. I misunderstood some directions and ended up publishing the new theme, long before I was ready to do that. I was amazed to discover that I loved it!

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  3. I love seeing this dahlia, the richness of color and texture, like a setting sun. It is such a treat to see one of these beauties still blooming with such fullness at this time of year. I am aware of how the unusually warm weather has contributed to this gift.
    I like the layout of your new theme and the color palette you chose.
    Things that caught my eye:
    The way the date is off set on the left caught my attention in a pleasant way. Somehow connecting to the present moment.
    I like the transition in color tone between the main section and the right side. A subtle way of differentiating.
    I find the way in which the information on the right is displayed to be clear and easy to follow, “user friendly”.
    In the Header, ‘Lessons on Lessons’ is hard for me to read as the colors are very close in tone to the background. Whereas the Title, with the lighter strip behind it, is very easy to make out.


    1. Your words about the flower are almost like poetry!

      Thanks for the feedback about the new theme. I agree with everything you say.

      I’m still in process with the Lessons on Lessons part. When I first put up the new theme you couldn’t even see it. For awhile I took it down altogether but then asked the WordPress staff for help. They taught me how to make it bold and bigger using CSS. That helped but it still wasn’t what I wanted so I made it bigger still. That made it readable but I don’t like how it looks. I could change to a lighter picture but I don’t want to do that. I am probably going to eliminate it since the title can stand alone, but I’m waiting to see if the staff have any other ideas first!


    2. Take a look at my blog header now. One of the students, or staff, figured out how to fix it. Participating in the Commons helps so much. You can ask questions there and students and staff will answer them. (I’m not sure how it will work in India though. On my old laptop it used to be slow to run even in the U.S. It is not an issue with the new laptop.) The Commons is also a place where you can put the link to your class assignment posts. That way other students can find them easily.


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