Give ‘Em What They Want

Today is the third day of  the Blogging 201 course.  Our assignment is to :

Conduct a short and simple stats analysis that will help you create an editorial calendar for the next 30 days. Why do this? Because knowing which topics and posts are most popular helps you to brainstorm new content that you know your audience will love. Because knowing which days of the week your visitors are most likely to show up lets you plan to publish that content on your best days.

I decided to examine the posts that had the top number of “likes,” those that had the top number of “views” and the days of the week that visitors showed up. Likes When reviewed by the number of likes, six of the top ten posts were posts inspired by photography challenges.  Another one on that top ten list was primarily composed of photographs. Views When I look at number of views, however, it is a different matter. Here are my top twenty-one posts and how many views they have received.

Home page / Archives 2,305
About Me 546
Do You Need a Laugh? 262
Struggles with Conflict 162
Living in Gratitude 155
When the Mind is Still 112
Gratitude Sunday: Chaitanya 97
Thanks for the Liebster Award! 95
A Tribute to Nirmalamrita 91
A Hippie and Proud of It 86
A Complaint Free World 80
Thanks for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award 78
Introducing Jeff Alexander and the Leap of Faith 75
When Our Paths Cross 73
Mixed Race Marriage/Mixed Race Children 72
Judgment or Compassion? 71
A Journey into the Blogosphere 70
A Surprise View of My Past 69
A Place For Me! 67
Bastet’s Pixelventures: One Point Perspective 66
Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette 66

Only two of these posts are photography posts, although many of the posts on this list contain photographs The highest number of views were for my home page and the about page.  That isn’t a surprise to me.  The first “regular” post on the list is one titled “Do You Need a Laugh?”  Readers seemed to love that one, and it is still viewed from time to time.  The success of that post led me to do a sequel but it received much less attention and is rarely viewed now. In most of my posts, I share my personal life experiences, both past and present.  I generally share those experiences from a psychological and/or spiritual perspective. Those are clearly the posts that readers seem to be most moved by. While it isn’t part of the stats analysis, I am also aware that I receive the most views when I am posting 4 or more times a week. Day of the Week Monday is clearly the day that has the most views.  I don’t see any pattern in the other days. So what do I change to give my readers what they want? I think that I am giving readers what they want and don’t need to make significant changes. I will continue to:

  • participate in the two photography challenges each week and will make sure that my posts include photographs whenever possible.
  • focus on personal experiences from my life, both past and present
  • present those experiences in a way that others can apply them to their own lives, or feel as if they are taking the journey with me
  • share the psychological and spiritual implications of my experiences.
  • post three to four times a week

And, as a result of this stat analysis, I will make sure I post on Mondays!   Written for Blogging 201: Give ‘Em What They Want and Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Done

3 thoughts on “Give ‘Em What They Want

  1. I like when you write about your stories growing up. So much has changed in such a short time and it is good to have some perspective on the world we’re living in today.

    Liked by 1 person

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