I’d Love to Receive Your Feedback!

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

I am very interested in knowing which of my posts you either enjoy the most, or find the most valuable.  I have identified six primary categories and have listed examples of some of the posts I have written for each of those categories.  After the list there is a poll.  Please order the categories from your most favorite to your least.


Personal Adventures

Social Issues

Nature Issues

Psychological Topics


You are also welcome to leave your feedback in the comments section.

Written for Blogging 201: Give ‘Em What They Want, Part II

21 thoughts on “I’d Love to Receive Your Feedback!

  1. I love them all, you and I have a lot in common, and I am so impressed by the way you have everything arranged. And that you signed up for blogging 201 in time and I missed the deadline, lol. Maybe it’s your theme – I can’t figure out as I am redoing my blog this week how to tag anything that doesn’t stay on my front page. I can’t tag pages. I’d love just a piece of feedback if you don’t mind as to how to do what you’ve done organizationally. Thanks


    1. The categories I used for the poll are different in part than my blog categories. I may change them at some point.

      When I look at your blog it looks like you don’t use the categories you have at the top of the page very much. And it looks like use all sorts of other categories when you categorize your posts.

      If you look at my blog you will see that there are 7 categories….. starts with Home and ends with awards. those 7 are the ONLY categories I use when I categorize a post. Every post I write I check whichever of those categories pertain. So I may check learning, letting go, and photography if it fits. If I do that then the article will show up forever on the list that is under that category. If you need to, explore the articles under my category list.

      So if you make your categorization of emails match your category list on your home page then the emails will all be cataloged. Does that make sense?

      I also wonder if the categories at the top of your page are pages rather than categories. The only page I have is the About me page. The rest were all categories developed at dashboard>appearances>menu>categories. Once the categories are created you can drag them to the menu.

      That is how I do it. My knowledge is also very limited.

      Feel free to write me at karunap108@comcast.net if you have questions.

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      1. Something completely new to me – HOW to use categories – a whole new adventure!!! Thank you so much!!! I think I can reduce the noise on my site this way. Forever grateful,


  2. Out of the 12 you have listed, I think I enjoyed the personal adventures and the social issues the most, but that’s only my preference. Hope you find it useful!


    1. Take a look at the post on the blog itself. There is a poll where you can order the categories from your most favorite to least by moving the categories in the same way you order widgets on your blog. I think it is a fun process, and it allows me to see how everyone’s responses fit together.


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