Photography 101: Home


Today is the first day of Blogging University’s Photography 101 course.  Our assignment is to take a photo that shows what home looks like to us and to share the image in a new post.

I have several homes and have written posts about two of them (Seabeck:  A Home in the Universe for Me and A Place for Me).

I will be going to India later this month, but at this moment I am in Washington State.  I moved to Seattle in 1966 to go to college and have lived in the same house since 1973.  A few minutes ago I walked outside.  It was dark, and it had been raining.  The air was cool and fresh and I could smell the fragrance of firewood burning in nearby houses. I decided to take my first Photography 101 picture of the tree in front of my house.  During the time I am in the heat of India, I will remember this moment and this home.

Written for Photography 101: Home

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    1. You should have already received it. They come out on GMT time so that everyone in the world gets it at the same time. I get it at 5:00 p.m. the day before I would normally expect it. This one came from Cheri Lucas.

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