Photography 101 Course Ends November 28

I’m thinking those of you who are not in the Photography 101 course may be wondering how long the course will last.  It started on November 3 and goes Monday-Friday until November 28.  We are given an assignment each day to complete and post.


11 thoughts on “Photography 101 Course Ends November 28

  1. Thank you Karuna; I had no idea what on earth was going on! I have a similar ignorance as to what this “NaBloPaMo”(?) thing is! Or “Wordless Wednesday” too for that matter – presumably these are all WordPress initiatives designed to stimulate traffic? Hariod. ❤


    1. I’m glad I thought to write this aside then. I was concerned my regular followers would be mystified about the change in my blog and wanted them to know it had an end!

      As I understand it NaBloPaMo is a challenge to bloggers everywhere (so it is bigger than WordPress) to write a post a day for a month. I could have done it since the Photo 101 is a post a day but it didn’t start until November 3 and is over on the Friday before the end of the month so I decided not to participate in that one. It is not a goal of mine to write a post a day! 🙂

      Wordless Wednesday is also beyond WordPress I think. I don’t know who sponsored it originally. Now it seems more like a tradition. I’ve done that one almost since I started my blog. I enjoy picking a picture that I think says something without words.

      I don’t think the classes are for the purpose of stimulating traffic, although since there are usually thousands of people participating in them they certainly do that. I really enjoyed Blogging 101 and 102 and Writing 101 and learned so much during them This is the first time they have offered Photo 101 so I imagine it is really big. I am enjoying it too!

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      1. Thank you for the clarification Karuna. I like to remain loyal to blogs that I subscribe too, though I had become perplexed at what I perceived to be on your part a bid to increase the stat count, as this did not appear to fit the LL&LG bill. However, you say that you are enjoying participating in these initiatives and that is all that matters. For myself, I prefer those articles of yours with more substance to them, and am pleased to hear that things will return to normality (ha!) soon.

        Hariod. ❤


      2. I had to think for a minute about what a LL&LG bill was and then I got it. Clever! Actually it fits way more than you know. I have had an ongoing bias against photography for a long time. That was based on the fact that I am working towards a life of being in the moment and it seemed to me that looking at (my) photographs was about living in the past. I thought it amusing when I was asked to be the historian for two regional conferences and then became the editor for our GreenFriends newsletter. Those projects all required me to be taking photos. It was clear that my long held stance was being challenged and it was time to let go. When I started blogging, I felt even more drawn to photography. And then this year, I discovered my father, who didn’t speak to me between 1971 and the time he died in 1999, was into photography. Life is certainly about letting go and not holding on to old belief systems. To me the transformation that is occurring within me definitely fits into the leela category!

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      3. Sorry, I thought you might know the word. It is a Sanskrit word that means “God’s play. Many of the “lessons” that come our way often feel like leelas, at least to me!

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  2. For Hariod – ‘Leela’ with two Es is not a western form it is the way that they write the english in South India. The Lila version with a long I is the general transliterated form that has fallen into most text that are used in English countries but in India they don’t use the western transliterated forms for their English spellings and you will always see the long I written as a double E in Kerala.

    Seperately I’ve enjoyed the photographs. I’d like to see you play more with light and angles and try for more dramatic shots by having certain elements closer and others farther away, to show more perspectives than the dead on. But that will probably come up in later classes. I really like the pop of color day. And the architecture day was some good perspective shots.

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    1. We started learning about angles and light the last few days but I just know a tiny bit. I hope you have time to teach me more when I get to India. I was really happy with how the pop of color one turned out too.

      Thanks for the info about the double e. I know Meera spells it with the double e and another friend spells it mira. Now I know why!


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