Photography 101: Glass

Today’s assignment is to focus on glass. Some suggested techniques were to

  • Look through.
  • Look between.
  • Find an unconventional surface.
  • Experiment with your flash both on and off.
  • Shine an artificial light source on it.
  • Surprise us!

I decided to photograph the chandelier in my dining room.  The pictures look other-worldly to me….. and remind me of one of my favorite movies, Close Encounters of the Third Kind!


Written for Photography 101: Glass

10 thoughts on “Photography 101: Glass

  1. I find there is a magical quality in these images. I stayed on the first image the longest. A sense of mirrors and reflections and endless continuity. Inspiring. Something i want to try sometime.


    1. It feels magical to me too! I wonder what would happen if we could get close to that chandelier in the Amritapuri auditorium. It, of course, is higher than we would ever be able to get, but we can at least imagine!


    1. There was one from above I really liked because it took me forever to figure out what was being reflected. I ended up not using it because it wasn’t clear enough but it was definitely intriguing.


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