भारतं गमिष्यामि

One of the things I am passionate about is learning Sanskrit.  There is a meditative verse that is often sung at Sanskrit events. In this song, students pledge dedication to their Sanskrit studies.  I am going to begin this post by singing that verse.  Please forgive any  mispronunciation; some Sanskrit letters are still difficult for me to say correctly.

शुक्रवासरे अष्टाविंशत्-दिनांके  -November-मासे भारतं गमिष्यामि
On Friday November 28, I will go to India.

द्विवादने विमानपत्तनं चालिष्यामि
At 2:00 I will drive to the airport.

पञ्चवदने भारतं-प्रति मम विमानं उड्डयनं करिष्यति
At 5:00 towards India my plane will be flying.

अष्टाविंशति-दिनाङ्के अश्रमं आगमिष्यामि
In 24 hours to the ashram I will come.

प्रति-आगमन-प्र्यन्तं मम Seattle-गृहे रमणः वसिष्यति
Until I return in my Seattle house Ramana will live.

धन्यवादः रमणः
Thank you Ramana

दशम-दिनांके January मासे मम विमानं Trivandrum-नगरतः Seattle-पर्यन्तं उड्डयिष्यति
On January 10 my plane will fly from Trivandrum to Seattle.

Seattle-गृहम् आगमिष्यामि
I will return to my Seattle home.

35 thoughts on “भारतं गमिष्यामि

    1. The definition of ashram that I use is “the home of a spiritual master/teacher/guru.” Amma’s main ashram is in Amritapuri, India. She has branch ashrams all over the world. Those could also be called Centers. Ashram is the word used when it is a center where people can live.


      1. My six weeks in India is each year is very important for my renewal, so I know what you mean. It is not necessarily tranquil though. At least for me, the intensity and frequency of “lessons” increase when I’m there, but I can also work through them faster for the most part. You will be hearing more!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. There is no doubt there will be lots of challenges, and they are all for the good even if they don’t always feel like that.

        I look forward to reading your first blog challenge! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I hope you enjoy India. I have several friends from all parts of India. It’s a huge country! When they aren’t busy trying to burn my tongue off with their cooking they’re very nice people. ^_^


    1. I’ve been to Amma’s ashram in south India almost every year since 1990! I consider it my “other” home and my “other” family. (And since both of my adult children live at the ashram, I am also with most of my U.S. family when I am there.)


      1. Aha… I’d forgotten that you mentioned that before. Guess you won’t be missing this wind and rain then. 🙂


      2. That’s for sure. I noticed that today the temperature will be high of 59 and low of 51; tomorrow it will be 52/33, Saturday 37/27 and Sunday 39/25. I’m leaving just in time to miss that dip!


  2. Alo-HA Karuna…..hope you are getting some “catch up sleep” after the flight…….really great that you are doing soooooo well with your language studies….I am still at the mantra level and a bit of conversation, however I would be quite hesitant to respond with anything here except….Namaste  Stanley


    1. I take classes and the books are all in Sanskrit, i.e. no English, so I don’t know of any. I will ask my teacher and get back to you! Actually I know of another person that found a book and loves it, so I will check with him as well.


      1. Oh, that is really very useful! Thank you!! I am also in search of a book about the history of sanskrit and its early uses. I watched a historical show that talked about the origins, and it was fascinating. It’s a visually beautiful language, and the sound of you speaking it was also beautiful. Like French, lyrical and smooth.


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