Guessing Game

A blogging friend of mine, Justine from eclecticoddsnsods just started a weekly challenge and I love her first entry.  The directions are:

The challenge is to photograph something that depicts the subject matter of ‘wrinkles’.  The aim of the photograph is that firstly the person guessing does have a chance of getting it right but not too easily.  Try to see if you can take a photograph that will need the least editing possible.  The idea being to use angles, light, shadow & to perhaps find something even mundane that one can make look extraordinary or complex.  The end result being that when the guessing is finally over those trying to work it out will slap their thigh and say “I can’t believe it was something so simple, I just couldn’t see it, but now it’s obvious.”

I look forward to reading your guesses!


eclectic-corner-heat-medumThanks for the challenge Justine!

23 thoughts on “Guessing Game

    1. Wow, you got it! I cupped my hand and took the picture. I wondered if I should have left the left part off but it looked so bizarre I thought it might not be obvious. If I had done that would it have been harder for you to guess what it was?

      For those of you who are reading the comments…… would you let me know what your guess would have been? I’m curious!

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  1. I also thought palm. I remember squishing up my hand in different ways and looking at the lines – but good idea for the challenge, and good photo! I don’t see that kind of thing captured, and I think a lot of us do it!


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