Only For This I Pray


As I planned my reminiscing post, I remembered a song that I created in the late 90’s.  I wrote the words first and then asked my friend Meera to translate them into Malayalam, Amma’s language.  Once I had the words, I worked on the tune.  I sung it for Amma both in English and Malayalam.  (FYI, Amma means Mother.)

This is the song.  Please pardon any pronuncation errors!


amma ende karangal ennum ninne sevikkatte
amma ende manass˘ mantrathāl nirayename
amma ende vākkukal ennum ninne pukazhthette
ende hridayam ānandam kond˘ nrittamādatte

ende sneham prakāshamāyi ennenum thilangatte
amma ende vishvāsam valarnnu kondirikkatte
ennenum ammayepole āyi varename
amma itinnu vendi mātram nyan prārthikkyunnu

Mother, may my hands be in service, my mind fill with mantra
May my voice forever sing your praise, my heart dance with joy
May my love shine ever brighter, my faith ever grow
Mother, may each day I become more like you, only for this I pray
Only for this I pray


20 thoughts on “Only For This I Pray

      1. No they are not singing. They are talking…. in hypnosis style talk The only one I have left is called “Creating a Safe Place”. We transferred that to CD sometime back.

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