as i am…

I love every word of this poem/prayer and hope that you do too!

A Thing of Grace

as i bow my head in prayer each morning i praise the thousand forms of the goddess
– she who encompasses all aspects of creation
as i step from my building onto the sand each day i ask forgiveness of mother earth
– she bears my weight and steadies my feet
as i glance to the ocean every day i wonder at the vastness of creation
– it is puzzling that we differentiate the waves from the water
as i begin my labors each day i strive to offer the best of myself
– the purest aspects that are the hardest to find
as i speak to my father, who follows Christ, i am grateful
– he embraces the universality of the search for God
as i read the news about the middle east, prayers spontaneously erupt from my mind
– the people in that region are but human, and…

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