Rain, Rain and More Rain

It is 6:00 a.m. on December 31 as I start to write this post and it is pouring. When it rains here it can really rain. The fact that there are a lot of metal roofs in the ashram probably enhances the sound, but it would be loud even without them. It is still very dark outside but I can see the puddles forming.

Every time I think it can’t rain harder, it does. I love the sound, and the coolness it brings with it. I think this is what it must be like to be here during the monsoons, although then the rain probably lasts much longer. I’ve been in Amritapuri during the latter part of the monsoons and know how hard it can be to get laundry dry because of the rain. 

Yesterday at breakfast people were saying, “Did you hear the rain during the night?” It apparently rained so hard and so loud at 2 a.m., it woke people up. Not me. I sleep so heavily here not much could wake me up.

When I first came to Amritapuri in 1990, I was told that they had to use row boats to get from building to building during the monsoons. In those days, most of what is land now were ponds or backwaters, so rains like this would flood the little land that existed. Over the years, the water was filled in, a bag of sand at a time, and a solid landfill was created (Reminiscing: 1990-2014).

Wow, the level of rain just went up another notch! And then another. I think I just heard thunder as well.

It is past the time for the birds to take flight, but most are huddled as close to the center of the trees as possible. One bird outside my window is out on the limb surveying the situation. It should be light now but it isn’t. The photo below on the left is a picture of the bird as it is.  The one on the right was taken with a low light filter.

I recently took mp3 recording of the birds in the morning as they take off for the day, The sound when they leave their trees in the morning and when they return at night occurs on such a consistent schedule, you could practically set your watch by the times they come and go. If you listen closely you will also hear the music that comes from nearby temples each morning.


The last two days I have seen them fly en masse into the trees at dusk. Beautiful. I’m going to look for those moments in the future.

It’s been raining 40 minutes now and it is still pouring.  The rain is so hard and visible I thought it might show up in photos.

You might think it is strange to get this excited over rain but remember I’m from Seattle!  We don’t get this kind of rain.  Actually, I should say we didn’t used to get this kind of rain.  With global warming it is happening more often there too.

It is 7:10 and the rain is over… at least for now.  Time for me to get on with my day.  I hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve.  I know I will!


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9 thoughts on “Rain, Rain and More Rain

  1. Yes, the birds coming and going like clockwork. Whether or not i set my alarm it doesn’t matter… the birds outside my window will wake me up. Usually i notice that it starts with one bird sound and then almost instantly the cacophony ensues. I love watching the egrets take off, flying low across the backwaters and disappearing amongst the palm trees on the other side, and then to watch them re-emerge at dusk from the same trees. Thanks for sharing the rain and the birds!


  2. We live in the Sonoran desert in Arizona…mostly it is dry but when we have monsoons in the summer, it”s like going through a carwash. It can be pouring down rain and a block or two later there is no rain. Flash floods are a real problem and tourists and newcomers to the area routinely need rescuing. Happy New year Karuna.


    1. I like that analogy, i.e. carwash. It is very accurate. I don’t think they get what I think of as flash floods at the ashram although in the old days it did flood. They put sandbags around parts of the temple. At that time there were so many ponds plus we are 2 minute walk to the back waters and 3 minute walk to the Arabian Sea.

      Happy New Year to you too!


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