Amritapuri- Then and Now

I just discovered that Amritapuri has it’s own Facebook page.  I had no idea.  It contains old photographs as well as current information.

This is a photo taken in 1996; after the ponds and backwaters behind the temple were filled in but before the auditorium was built.  I had totally forgotten this phase in the development of the ashram.


How different it is today.




25 thoughts on “Amritapuri- Then and Now

  1. My message got erased or it went out into cyberspace….I smiled when I saw she spoke French to you…how odd (smiles). I remember her hugging me a long time on my 3 rd day at the retreat because Amma was looking at the children performing and she was smiling and laughing and enjoying the show. It was a very special moment for me. I hope your trip nourished you for a little while, Karuna. xx


    1. I thought of you as I was writing about the French….. wondering if it was a way she sent some love to you too!

      My trip will nourish me for a lifetime, as each contact with her does.


      1. I usually sleep reasonably well the first day or two and then have trouble sleeping for 10 days or more. I’m hoping spending the day in the hotel in Dubai will help. I will certainly sleep a lot that day.

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      2. I’m so sorry you still have the migraine. Does doing acupuncture have any effect on them? It sounds horrible.

        I love it when I learn new words from WordPress blogging..What is archduke time?

        A phone or skype talk after I return from India would be fun!


      3. haha,my phone came up with archduke…haha…I probably meant Skype, phone or Google Hang out…accupuncture helps a bit but is not covered by my insurance. Tai Chi used to help to decrease the intensity of the pain…yeah, I know I need to start getting back into this.


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