Waking in the Night (Troiku)

I have been intrigued lately by a form of poetry that Tournesol from Traces of the Soul and Tournesol Dans Un Jardin has been writing.  (See Courting Moon.)  The style is a new form of Haiku called Troiku that was developed by Chevrefeuilles.

In this style, there is a three lined Haiku that is the base of the poem.  The author then creates a separate Haiku using each of the base lines.

Here is my first attempt at writing a Troiku!



Waking in the night

dreaming about Sanskrit

It’s time to blog!


Waking in the night

Raindrops falling

Mind on overdrive


Dreaming about Sanskrit

Will I ever learn?



It’s time to blog!

Ideas rolling in

Can sleep another day!



22 thoughts on “Waking in the Night (Troiku)

  1. Thanks for sharing this info about the Toiku! I’ve never heard of this but am keen now to give it a try. I love short forms of poetry. Your poem about waking in the night is lovely – so familiar to me! sometimes it is difficult to ‘switch off’ when there is a lot happening in our lives. Have a great day. Karuna. 🙂


  2. Sorry Karuna I accidentally pasted a blog link on my comment above! I am working on my ipad as my computer is not working and it’s so tricky – I touched the screen to post the comment and pasted the link there! 😁


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