13 thoughts on “Nature’s Miracle (Haiga)

  1. What a lovely series, Karuna and that photo is stunning!! I especially love your last stanza. How did you manage to get so close to take that amazing shot? wow!!! I spent the day with my daughter and she gave me my belated bd present. So 2 Fridays in a row with my children. A perfect Day was written with my son, and this one with my daughter https://cheryllynnroberts.wordpress.com/2015/03/14/sweetened-with-love-haibun-haiga-festival/

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    1. There is quite a story to how I got that photo. I will write it tomorrow or Sunday. (We are supposed to have a cigarette butt pick up work party tomorrow but there is supposed to be heavy rains all day. If that happens I will cancel the work party…. and write the story.) There will be many more pictures in the story!

      I’m so glad you are having good times with your children. I will look at your new poem!


      1. It does not have to be 5 7 5. Some ate 3 5 3. But not over the 5-7-5 look at haiku on various sites by checking Carpe Diem prompts. Don’t sacrifice a good sounding word for the count of syllables. Haiku is something you can keep editing for months. I really enjoyed your Haiga 🙂 so lovely to see

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  2. It’s so nice to read over and over 🙂 bravo my friend. Something I am sure Amma would love. Liking out for little ones. Our host had s regular prompt for Little critters I’m learning to write about that more. Some are so adept in writing beautiful haiku on little critters. Reading others who write haiku will give you ideas on how you feel comfortable and speak in your voice. I heard your voice in this one


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