8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    1. I was thinking about you and looking forward to your return. I particularly thought about you when I wrote posts such as the Recovery from Over-Doing post. I think that is the type of post you like best of mine! Sreejit has started Dungeon Prompts again and I always enjoy writing for those! Where did you go on your vacation?

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      1. I went touring around the country visiting family and friends Karuna; just a gentle saunter ’round the isle stopping here and there. It was really quite lovely though, because I live on my own here in Somerset and am at least 100 miles from my nearest contacts, so I rarely see them of course. And now I am slowly wading through almost 250 emails in order to catch up with all that I left unattended to during my travels!

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      1. I’d love having a lot of papayas but this would be A LOT and would be impossible to harvest. I can imagine all the rotten fruit that would fall. What a mess. On the other hand they could feed a lot of people.

        When I was young I remember my mother saying she had once had my father get rid of a papaya tree in their yard because she didn’t like papaya. Therefore I grew up thinking papayas were bad even though I’d never seen one.

        I was upset when I later discovered what a papaya actually tastes like. We could have been eating that delicious fruit all those years. It became my favorite fruit.


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