Branches Reach for the Sky शखाः आकाशं प्रप्नुवन्ति (Haiku)


In an earlier post, I shared pictures of blooms on a tree that is in my back yard.



I realized later that I wanted to give readers a better sense of the full majesty of the  tree.  It is much taller than my house and covers a significant area in both my yard and my neighbor’s.  I decided I would do that by taking photos of different parts of the tree.








 सौन्दर्यम् उन्नतं तिष्ठति
मूलनि पृथिव्य़ां गभीरं खननमं कुर्वन्ति
शखाः आकाशं प्रप्नुवन्ति

beauty standing tall
roots in earth digging deep
branches reach for sky


Do you know what type of tree this is?  (I don’t.)


17 thoughts on “Branches Reach for the Sky शखाः आकाशं प्रप्नुवन्ति (Haiku)

  1. A fabulous tree Karuna, although I wouldn’t be able to identify it. It would seem to have leaves similar to the Maple or Sycamore, but you would know if it was either I imagine? The bark is rather like the Tulip Tree I have in my garden, though the leaves seem to suggest something not of that family.

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    1. No, I don’t know anything about any tree except for Magnolia or Holly trees! But since no one else that has seen the post has been able to identify it either I suspect it is not one of those. People often think my Magnolia tree is a Tulip tree so those must be very similar. I don’t know the difference.

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  2. I don’t know what kind of tree it is.
    I love the sense of depth i get through the montage you made. Starting with the magnificent expansive foliage and moving to the different widths of branches going from many thinner ones down to the one main trunk. The place, that ground that they all sprout from. Your haiku reflected the seeming simplicity of this so beautifully.

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