11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    1. Isn’t it incredible? I’ve never seen anything like it. I took it about 10 days ago I think. This week I went back to see how it changed. I will do the same next week and then share the sequence. It is very interesting!


      1. I wish the same to you! We are going out to brunch and then Chaitanya is giving me the gift of helping in the yard! 🙂

        I think it reached 80 today. Unheard of.


      2. It was over 80 and very humid today…I had to put my air conditioner on…Day 2 with migraine and the hot mugginess does not help. My daughter took me out for a late breakfast today (Saturday); my Olivier thought I took Sunday off so he was disappointed he couldnot take me out for dinner. I did not want to be home to think too much about Mom; so next Friday he is coming and my grandson will be here too…so my two special guys in my life will entertain me:) Say hi to Cahitanya for me:)


      3. I’m so glad you son surprised you by calling and offering to take you out. Chaitanya, Akshay, and Al are taking me to brunch after my Sanskrit class and then Akshay will go to work on a project he is doing and Chaitanya is giving me the gift of working in the yard.

        I know you will enjoy your time with your son and grandson and am glad that your daughter was with you yesterday.


      4. My boys are this coming Friday; I realize if it weren’t for my son I would not see anyone here for months. He is lonely too and a bit disappointed with life but I try to listen and slip in now and then to stop looking and enjoy the company he has now…a new friend and who knows what develops. At least he is learning Spanish now:)


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