15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. AAAAAHHHHH YES!!!! I so look forward to coming north to the Seattle area so i can see these magnificent flowers. It is a yearly treat for me! How wonderful that you have these beauties in your backyard. I love how you captured their abundance and sizableness along with the softness of the white with tiny specks of pink or magenta?

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      1. That makes sense. Our weather is changing so much. I wonder how they will do as it gets hotter here. Historically we have two or three days a year in the 80’s (F) and last summer there were more than 50 days over 80. We have already had many 70 degree days this year, which is unheard of.

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      2. Yes it is wearing, although nice for those of us who are gardening and are used to not having enough sun to ripen vegetables. But at the same time the speed at which the weather patterns are changing is disconcerting.

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    1. I just discovered I was responding to your comments thinking it was to the Wordless Wednesday that I just put up! When the comments didn’t show up on the post, I investigated and discovered you were looking at a different post! This is not a rhododendron. I actually don’t know what the name of the tree is either. I call it a pom pom tree!

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