Eclectic Corner: Perspective (Written Piece)

Perspective means different ways of seeing things.


When some people see worms they get squeamish.  They wouldn’t even think holding them and letting them run through their fingers.

The picture above is of the worms in my vermicomposting bin.  I feed the worms and in turn they create fertilizer!  I love watching the worms.  I particularly enjoy it when the time comes to separate the worms from the fertilizer (the fertilizer goes to the garden and the worms go back into the vermicomposting bin) because I get to pick them up and feel them squiggle in my hand.

As I look at the vegetable plants that are growing in my garden now, I know the worms have played a significant role in making them so healthy. I feel immensely grateful that they are doing such an important service for me and for the earth.

Perspective can make such a difference.




eclectic-corner-heat-medumWritten for Eclectic Corner: Perspective (Written Piece)

15 thoughts on “Eclectic Corner: Perspective (Written Piece)

  1. You know what I always love your passion and enthusiasm about your worms makes me smile every time. I’ve read a few of your writings on them. I haven’t picked up a worm since I was a kid I’m not sure how I would feel about picking up one now. I remember always being fascinated about how they can re generate? Ie if they get cut in half they grow again? Or is this some weird childhood memory lol

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    1. I had always believed that too, but I read recently that one half will live on but the other half won’t.

      I now have a photograph story to write for Perspective so am going to do it and submit it even though it is the wrong week! And I changed this one to (Written).

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      1. Hey don’t worry about wrong weeks its open until the 19th so you can submit what and when and as many repeated times as you want. So the half lives on but doesn’t extend? Odd as we used to see worms with odd scar like thickened bits half way and believed this was where the new bit grew x

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      2. The thickening you see in the middle of the worm shows that it is a mature worm. The clittelum contains both male and female sex organs (yes, each worm has both!)

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      3. I didn’t realize how similar the word was until I looked it up for you. And I didn’t know that existed until I started investigating the life cycle of a worm.

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