Reflection on Desire

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As I have walked my psychological and spiritual life journeys, I have been taught much about desire. This week I have been reflecting on what I have learned.

From Amma I learned:

Peace of mind comes when the mind is free of desire. Amma uses the example of chocolate in teaching that concept. If I have been desiring chocolate, the moment the chocolate touches my tongue I may have the experience of bliss. If the bliss came from the chocolate then I could eat more and more chocolate and I would experience more and more bliss. Instead, if I continue eating chocolate, I will make myself sick. The bliss comes because my mind becomes silent the instant the chocolate touches my tongue. Moments later, another desire emerges and my mind gets caught up in wanting again.

My desires are most likely to be realized if I let go of them. If I hold on and try to force the issue they are less likely to materialize. It is also important for me to “Put in the effort and let go of the results.” If I have done the best I can in a given situation and let go of the results, I am more likely to have peace of mind. Staying attached to them is one way I make myself miserable.

From Church of God in Christ ministers I learned:

When the praises go up, the blessings come down!

God isn’t deaf. There is no need to ask for the same thing over and over. If I don’t receive that for which I ask, the answer may be “No.”

Worry is an insult to God.

Ask for what I want and then start praising and thanking God as if the desire has already manifested

From Pamela Levin I learned:

Seven Laws of creation- 1) I create my vision, 2) I hold my vision before my mind’s eye in each moment, 3) I am 100% committed to my vision 4) I am totally accountable for what happens…. what comes up, 5) I go for what I want to create even though “I don’t know.”, 6) I do whatever it takes. and 7) When I manifest my vision I express my gratitude and am willing to have it.

From Wayne Muller, Stephen Covey, Elaine Gowell and others I learned:

It is important to distinguish between my wants and needs. Once those are identified, I can put my energy into meeting my needs and prioritizing my wants. I will be more likely to experience abundance if I decrease the number of my wants.

Brother David Steindl-Rast said abundance “Is not measured by what flows in but by what flows over. The smaller we make the vessel of our need…the sooner we get the overflow we need for delight.” Henry David Theoreau said “I make myself rich by making my wants few.” G. K Chesterton said: There are two ways to get enough. One is to continue to accumulate more and more. The other is to desire less.” (I have to wonder if the person who accumulates more and more ever experiences “enough.”)


Some of these teachings may be in opposition to each other, for example, you can’t hold your vision in your mind’s eye in each moment and let go at the same time, or at least I don’t think you can!  But all of the teachings have been important in my life’s journey and are likely to be important to me throughout my life.  I am thankful for all I have been taught and all I have learned.


Written for Dungeon Prompts: Desire

19 thoughts on “Reflection on Desire

    1. It is a lifelong path of course……. aren’t we all on it? We get a glimpse of what is possible every now and then and it motivates us to keep moving forward!


      1. I don’t have an email-able copy….. it is only on the blog. I’m glad that you want to read it again though. I will try cutting and pasting and emailing it to you that way!


  1. I added this post to my reading list for future reference. Because what you share is what I want to be reminded of as I journey down the path to create a healthy, mind body and spirit. Thank you, Karuna, for sharing.


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