Eclectic Corner: Perspective (Photography)








Perspective is an interesting thing.  Each of these photographs show the artichoke plants from a different perspective.  I don’t think it is possible to know the size of the plants from looking at any of the photos.  If I had walked into my neighbor’s garden and stood next to the plants, which I didn’t, I believe they would have been about my height (5 ft 7 in).


eclectic-corner-heat-medumWritten for Eclectic Corner: Perspective (Photography)

12 thoughts on “Eclectic Corner: Perspective (Photography)

    1. I planted one in my yard this year but it hasn’t grown much. Not enough sun where I have it. And I don’t know I’d ever want it to get as big as those. She had a plant last year but it was only half the size of these if I remember it right.

      I don’t think the plant is prickly but I will look the next time I’m there!

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      1. I checked it out! On my little tiny one the leaves are firm and there is a thin little extension like the end of a pin that looks like it would prick you. However if you touch it, it falls off. That part seems much softer than it looks.

        The large plants have leaves that are quite hard, as you said, but there are no extensions that are prickly.

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      2. I think they served you quite well. The leaves were very hard and even though the spikes (I couldn’t think of that word the other day) were gone in the adult plant I could see a child seeing it as prickly just because of the firmness of the leaves.

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