Early Morning in My Sanctuary (प्रातः मम अभयारण्ये)

सिदर्-वृक्षाणां समीपः उपविशामि
Near cedar trees I sit.



मम पुरतः सुन्दर-अल्दर्-वृक्षान् पश्यामि
I see beautiful alder trees in front of me.



मम उपरि सर्वतः च सिदर्-शाखाः सन्ति
Cedar branches are above and around me.


चटकाः आलापम् एक-काकः च काकशब्दं कुर्वन्ति
The birds are singing and a crow is crowing.

“हे काक त्वं शृणोमि” इति वदामि
“Crow I hear you.” I say.

crow 3


 प्रातः मम अभयारण्ये
Early morning in my sanctuary.

सर्वं कुशलं अस्ति
All is well.

content 2

21 thoughts on “Early Morning in My Sanctuary (प्रातः मम अभयारण्ये)

  1. Tranquil moments
    Mother Nature’s morning

    your photos are just lovely and your words together took me in that garden too for a brief moment…just lovely, my favourite photo is the crow on the branch…wow! May I borrow your photo to do a haiga this week? Of course I will list the credits.


    1. The crow picture was one of those I was stunned by when I saw it for the first time after I snapped it. It was so interesting to see the tree and the bird all come out as if it was a black and white photo since that was not what it looked like in reality. And to have that blackness against the white clouds and blue sky was so cool.

      You are certainly welcome to use it.

      Liked by 1 person

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