A Pattern of Patterns

The Dungeon Prompt for this week asked us to identify a life pattern, one that we see repeating again and again.  Since I already write regularly about the patterns in my life, I decided to answer this prompt in an unusual and fun way.

As I looked for a pattern to explore, I realized I have a nearly fifty-year-old pattern (something that happens in a regular and repeated way) of making items that are patterned (a repeated decorative design) and/or are made from patterns (a set of instructions to be followed in making a sewn or knitted item)!  While I certainly don’t have pictures of everything I have made over the years, I do have a good sampling.

In the late 60’s and 70’s, I knit sweaters for myself and people important to me.


I also liked to sew.  I made my blue wedding dress and the dashiki Al is wearing.  I also made shirts and other clothing items for us.

I believe I crocheted the outfit Chaitanya wore when she came home from the hospital.  I made the three sweaters below when Sreejit was a baby and have loaned them to friends with new babies many times.  They still look as perfect as they did in 1975!

In the 70’s, I made several blankets.  Two of them I still use.

In the 80’s, I made quilts for my daughter and my mother.  When my mother passed, the white quilt was returned to me.  It took me many years to finish Chaitanya quilt.  By the time I completed it, she had moved to India where a quilt wasn’t needed.  Both quilts are still used from time to time.

Sometime during the 90’s, I started making tiny Gods and Goddess dolls. They are sold during Amma’s tours as a way of making money for her humanitarian projects.

In the 2000’s, I worked with other Amma devotees to crochet blankets for homeless women who were moving into transitional housing.

Some years later, we worked together to crochet items out of recycled plastic.

I can see that patterns are even a factor in the gardening I do now!

This has been a very interesting prompt for me to write.  I am realizing how important projects such as these have been throughout my life.

It has been a very long time since I have immersed myself in any of these crafts.  I hope to begin some of them again in the not too distant future!

Written for Dungeon Prompts: Patterns

23 thoughts on “A Pattern of Patterns

  1. I remember the quilts… I still use them when I come home… I’m sure you could probably add a section on the pattern of blog posts you now write… hard to believe now that I had to beg you to start a blog.


    1. That is true, my blog posts have formed a pattern!

      I sure wouldn’t have guessed that I would love blogging as much as I do. Or that I would so easily find something to say! 🙂 Your prompts help a lot.


  2. This is so amazing, Karuna!!! This may sound silly but I can’t help but come up with two words that describe your pattern and they start. With D and C. Devotion + Compassion. Will try to pondre on this prompt. I have s feeling Sreejit’s prompt will make me work very hard.

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    1. Thanks for your words about me……..I’m glad that you see those qualities as a pattern for me!

      I look forward to reading what you write as a result of Sreejit’s prompt!

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  3. My mother made one quilt the last year my parents were married…it took her almost an entire year…I used to hang it on the wall, it was too beautiful to put on my bed (smiles) and it is such a beautiful souvenir …so much love, thought and a life changing process. Perhaps it could be a lovely mural in India. If you look at my bucklet list on my “other” blog you will notice I’ve always wanted to start a quilting group (know nothing about it) but the process of meeting weekly, sharing, etc. would be a growing experience.

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    1. We had so much fun meeting to do the crocheted blankets and recycled plastic projects. I hope you do start your quilting group, or maybe when you come to Vancouver (ha ha….. I’m visualizing the possibility) you will find one to join. Never too late to learn. I don’t know much about it either. Mine are definitely beginners quilts.


    1. I don’t have the patience to be really good at any of these things, but I sure have enjoyed doing them over the years and they are all functional! It was fun to see them all together. Thanks for reading my post!

      BTW I have the pictures for my Tea Party post (for your blog). I hope to do it later today! (It is interesting to write tea party this way since in the U.S. it has a very different meaning! Nowadays it is a political term for a group of very, conservative politicians and their followers.

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      1. No, it isn’t going to put of readers in the U.S. We have tea parties too. It is just now when I hear that phrase I also think of the political group.

        And besides I noticed you are calling it Tea Time, and it is me who has been thinking tea party!

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    1. Thanks Walter. This post helped me to see how the form has changed throughout my life. I wonder what the future will hold, but am content with the present.


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