My Oh My!

I’ve had a garden in my front yard the last few years, but it has never been like this before.  Maybe it is because of the new raised beds, or the extraordinarily hot weather, or the vermi-compost.

Whatever the reason, I am marveling at what is unfolding in front of my eyes!  There have been times when everything was growing so fast that I wondered if I was living in the Jack and the Beanstalk story.   

This may not amaze those of you who are used to successful gardens but this is the first time I’ve had this experience!

One of the things I am especially happy about is that the garden is full of bees.  Most are bumblebees but there are honey bees as well.  Two years ago bees were rarely to be found in my garden.

9 thoughts on “My Oh My!

    1. I sure hope it passes. I’m glad the bees seem to be increasing.

      I hate seeing all of the Roundup displays at Lowe’s. They must still sell a lot of it.


    1. I’m taking pictures frequently. Some of the neighbors must think I’m pretty weird but most of them are enjoying seeing the garden grow along with me!

      I gave one neighbor some squash blossoms today and later in the day he brought over some yellow plums for me! Those plums are so sweet.


    1. I will look that flower up. Sounds like a good one for me to add next year! The lavender was full of bees for a long time. And now it is the flowering marjoram that draws them the most.

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