I Remember When #2…….

Photo Credit: blackhistorycollection.com


I remember when:


  •  There were separate toilets for “whites” and “coloreds” in the southern United States.

  •  I worked for a short time picking fruit in South Carolina in 1970. There the “white” workers were given a toilet to use while the “colored” workers had to use an outhouse.

  • There were department store restrooms where half of the toilets were pay toilets.  You had to insert a dime into a metal box on the door in order to get access to the toilet.  The pay toilets were kept clean, the others were dirty.

  • In 2014, I went to a restroom in a public building near Seattle and found a sign on one stall saying “This toilet is reserved for e-cigarette employees only.”  (I am choosing to not reveal the name of the company that did this.)


Is a new form of segregation starting?


To read more “I Remember When’s” go to https://livinglearningandlettinggo.wordpress.com/2014/07/01/i-remember-when/



12 thoughts on “I Remember When #2…….

  1. Wow! in 1970 too!! that is awful:( We had a fancy huge shopping centre open in 1978 and the toilets had slots to pay…of course many of us kept the door open and let the other go in and when we had our wee ones, they just went under the door and opened it for us (smiles) Later they finally removed this since it was not legal to have restrooms that you had to pay. I remember in the 50’s going to Eaton’s and Simpsons and we had to pay as well.

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    1. I imagine as an employee benefit…. they don’t have to wait in line!

      The company has moved from the building now so I don’t know if they will continue that behavior elsewhere. I’ve never seen it anywhere else. But their sign was on that stall for many months.

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    1. I can’t imagine what their thinking was. If it was a building that had lots of people then I would think it was to give their people easy and guaranteed access, like often happens in business parking lots. But there wouldn’t have been a lot of other people in this particular building, at least not very often. I had never thought about it being initiated by the owners of the building or the other tenants. Now I really wonder what the motivation was!

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    1. Interesting, I didn’t know that. There are other countries that have had them for a long time I think. And some places is the U.S. do too. It is an interesting experience when you have lived a lifetime of having genders separated in restrooms.


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