A Favorite Prayer

Many years ago, I was given a handout at a workshop that contained this prayer.  I laughed when I read it then and I laugh when I think of it now.  I can so relate.

I believe finding humor even in a dark or frustrating situation can help us lighten up.


Photo Credit: Wikimedia
Photo Credit: Wikimedia


Oh Lord,

Please help me make it through

this self imposed

and totally unnecessary challenge.

(Author Unknown)



Written for Dungeon Prompts: Using Our Words for Spreading Joy


15 thoughts on “A Favorite Prayer

  1. This reminds me of a story:

    Two men died and went to heaven where they were greeted by St. Peter.

    St. Peter informed them that they could enter the throne and would be allowed to ask God only one question.

    The first man entered, after much consideration of what to ask, and said “Dear Father, what was the reason you made my life?”

    God replied, “My child, your question has no meaning.”

    The man left quite confused and told his friend who was about to enter “Hey, so when you go in ask the question of God: what question should I ask?”

    So, the second man entered and said “Oh Lord, what question ought I to ask you?”

    And God replied, “Ah, so you’d like to have a problem?”

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    1. It was exhausting but I feel very successful. I was able to do the entire Level 2 workshop. I thought I would probably be able to do the first 2 or 3 classes but then need to go back to Level 1. But I was able to do all 9 classes!!!

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