Being the Hands of the Divine


When I read the Dungeon Prompts: Our Magic Powers writing challenge for the week I was perplexed. The prompt was:

We are all gifted with certain magical powers. We may not have fully harnessed them, or we may rebel against the powers we’ve been given, but we know that they are there. The power may be so potent that we are scared to use it, or we may have come to terms and learned the intricacies of it. We may have used them for evil or for good, but when we think that we can go unnoticed, we have surely tested them out.

Magical powers go beyond a talent for something. It involves bending reality to your will. When your will comes in tune with the cosmic will you may notice your powers flow like a raging river. Whether you hide it or not, you know that it’s there. So this week, tell us about your magical powers.

To me, the magic in life is the work of the Divine, whether it be a seed turning into a beautiful flower or the wondrous nature of all life forms. All the synchronicities that occur in my life feel like a Divine play. I will never forget my last  trip to India when I was told I would be upgraded to Business Class if I was willing to sit in a seat where the video didn’t work.  Soon I discovered that the man sitting next to me, who was also gifted with an upgrade, was a Sanskrit student and teacher. In fact, he was teaching from the identical Sanskrit textbook that I was struggling with at the time. He had even gone to the same Sanskrit camp I had attended the previous summer! To me that whole scenario felt like magic, but I believe it was actually a gift from the Divine.

I see all of us as instruments of the Divine, tasked with being His/Her hands. When we do that work it may seem like magic to others, or even to ourselves. So in that spirit, what kind of magic is it that I do?

I thought back to my 65th birthday when a small group of friends celebrated that milestone with me. At one point in the evening, they talked about me. It was like being a witness to one’s own memorial service. I was amazed at what they said about me and the impact they believed I have had on their lives. I also thought about things other people have said about me in the past and to a post (When They Think of Me….) I wrote last year after having asked friends what objects they thought of when they thought of me. At that time, one person responded:

Well, my first thought of you is your abundant beautiful hair, but that’s not an object.  When I just stopped for a moment and visualized you, I immediately saw you with a tool in your hand.  The tool could be anything – a garden trowel, a spatula, a pen, a hammer, a paint brush, a computer, one of those long grips for picking up litter – but you very much (my impression anyway) –  interact with the world and use many kinds of tools.    So it would be Karuna, Jill-of-all-trades, with a tool.

I believe the following may be seen as my magic:

  • Sometimes my psychotherapy clients think that I must be able to see right through them, or read their minds.
  • The craft projects I do such as making tiny dolls, crocheting, knitting, quilting, etc.
  • Creating and inspiring others to join in new projects, such as the PNW Litter Project and the PNW GreenFriends Newsletter.
  • The amount of energy I have and what I accomplish with it.
  • My use of words in the books I have written and on my blog.

To me though, that isn’t magic. All of it happens when I am “in the flow” and willing to be used as an instrument, i.e. being the hands, of the Divine.  May I continue to live in this manner until the end of my days.

13 thoughts on “Being the Hands of the Divine

  1. What a great post! You’re right that these things are “being in flow”…which is all that Magic truly is. Have you ever considered Reiki training? It came to me as I read this, and I have learned to pass those messages along. Beautiful post – thanks for sharing.

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    1. I’m glad you liked my post and thanks for passing on your thoughts. I don’t see myself doing Reiki but I know I don’t know what the future holds, so will keep it in mind! 🙂

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  2. I feel the same way about the divine and magic.
    And I’m mysteriously relieved that you too were perplexed and didn’t realize he was joking; I got such a laugh when he told me the prompt was meant to be funny and i’d written such a serious post…
    I’m glad it prompted you to write such a lovely post though!

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