The Fascinating Tromboncino

I have been fascinated by tromboncino squash ever since I discovered them in 2013.  Generally they are eaten when they are small.  At that time they are considered summer squash and can be used in the same way you use zucchini.  However, if you let a tromboncino squash continue to grow, it will turn into a winter squash.

The winter form may become very large.

In 2013, one of those squash grew in a very fascinating way.


This year I let one grow into the winter form.  When I picked it, it weighed five pounds and was two feet long.


While that is big, it doesn’t come close to the one that grew in 2013.  That one was 5 feet long!  My memory is that it weighed 15 pounds, but I’m wondering now if it was less.  Regardless, it was HEAVY.  Below you will see a picture of that squash.  It isn’t a clear photo, but it makes the point! I took it by snapping my reflection in a mirror.  At that point, I had never heard of a selfie!


11 thoughts on “The Fascinating Tromboncino

      1. When they get full grown the skin turns hard like an acorn squash. So it doesn’t grow any more after that. During the next months the inside gets sweeter but it doesn’t get bigger.

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