Practicing Retirement

Photo Credit: Wikimedia
Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Not long ago, I was talking with someone who commented that being retired would be so boring.  I was startled because I think the opposite.  There are so many things I’d like to do.  It seems to me that when I’m retired, I will have time to do more of them.  I decided to practice being retired!

Ideally, I would be able to devote three or four days a week to that experiment, but that won’t happen often.  Yesterday, unexpectedly, ended up being a free day so I decided to make it a “Practicing Retirement” day!”

I planned to do some canning that day, so on Wednesday I purchased blueberries and peaches at the farmers’ market.  I was ready for the big day.

The first thing in the morning I checked my email and blog and then reblogged a post from  Next I ate breakfast, showered and dressed.

The first project on my list was to gather tomatoes from the garden and make some roasted tomatoes.

Then I baked a sweet potato that I will use later in the week for making Immune Booster Orange Smoothies!

On to making crock-pot soup for tonight. The garden isn’t producing much now, and the vegetables tend to be small, but there is still enough to make soup.

Next, time to make blueberry freezer jam.  I needed to get some supplies at the store to be able to do that.  I started feeling strange when I was there and realized I had been so eager to start my “Practice Retirement” day that I had forgotten to take my blood pressure medicine in the morning.  Not good.  I carry extra pills in my wallet for occasions like that though, so took one right away.  I will need to make sure I don’t get too engrossed in activities when I’m retired.

The medication wasn’t working yet so I decided to use the regular checkout line rather than the self checkout.  That seemed reasonable for a retiree to do!  When the bagger asked if I wanted him to put my bag in a cart I said “No, I can carry it.”  I soon realized that it was heavy and that my blood pressure was up, and besides I’m retired, so I changed my mind.  I could have even asked him to take it to the car for me, but I didn’t go that far.

Back home, it was time to make the freezer jam!

Time to rest and have some lunch.  I shouldn’t be busy all of the time!

From time to time throughout the day, I worked with the graphic artist on September’s Pacific Northwest GreenFriends newsletter.  By late afternoon, it was finished and I started sending it out to Amma groups in the region.  I plan to continue working on the newsletter when I’m retired so it definitely fit into my practice day.


Time to can four quarts of peaches.

I have at least 6 more quarts of peaches to process, but that was enough canning for one day.  I was tired.

After some rest, I was ready for dinner and my “Practice Retirement” day’s big finale.

This was the last of the preseason games and we won.  If the Seahawks are playing this well without our starters, I wonder what the regular season is going to be like.  I look forward to finding out!  I also look forward to discovering which rookies make it onto the team.  (I can’t believe I’m talking like this!  I NEVER thought football would become an important part of my life.)

I loved my “Practicing Retirement” day.  I know I won’t be able to do this much in one day when I actually retire; in fact I couldn’t keep up this pace even at the age I am now.  When I retire, I will make sure I spend time being quiet and still, perhaps even having picnics with friends and looking at beautiful scenery like in the picture at the top of this post.  Even when my body isn’t able to do the things I want to do, with my family and friends support, I believe I will live a fulfilling life. I do not think I will be bored when I retire.

19 thoughts on “Practicing Retirement

    1. I never would have thought either but I love the recipes on so I decided to try it….and I’m not much of a sweet potato fan.

      I love the smoothie. The sweet potatoes make it really creamy. If you try it let me know what you think!

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      1. There is no sugar in the smoothie and only 1/8 cup of orange juice per smoothie. And the orange juice is considered optional. It is made frome almond milk, sweet potato, tumeric, ginger, cinnamon, chia seed (optional) and a banana.

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    1. I agree with you. That is why I want to “practice” in three or four day increments whenever possible. I love that I am reconnecting with things I did forty or more years ago, i.e. canning, gardening and in the future maybe start to sew, knit, crochet and do needlepoint again. I’m also doing new things, such as learning to cook and studying Sanskrit. Of course, I intend to always stay active in Amma’s world and maybe some day I will move to India. Regardless of what the future holds, it seems important to me that I have a full life aside from my profession as I get closer to retirement.

      I have no doubt that when/if the time comes that I lose my ability to do these kind of activities and even worse, lose my ability to be independent, that I will not be so optimistic, but I can still strive to accept whatever comes my way.

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    1. Let me know if you like it! Yes, I used to hate sweet potatoes. But that was because the only sweet potatoes I ever had as a child were canned. Yuck!

      I’m still tentative about them, but am liking them more and more. And I love them in that smoothie!


  1. Omg girl, you are so prepared!! We moved from Arizona to Michigan to retire.. Me at 55…. And we have had so many outdoor projects on our ¾ acre… I have little time to blog, write, or can.. Gotta few things frozen for winter. Winter in retirement here will include more baking, exercising, puzzles, snow blowing, and more blogging and maybe I will get that book started. Omg, who could be bored! I loved your practice retirement day!!!!!

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    1. I know so many people who are busier once they retire than they were when they were working; and having a wonderful time. I don’t want to be busier than I am now, but I want to be more focused on doing the things I enjoy.

      When we moved into the house I have lived in since 1973, the garden and yard was exquisite. There was no way we were able to keep it that way. I attributed it to the fact that the couple who had lived there for the previous sixty years were retired and must have spent all their time working in the yard.

      During the last few years I have said no to more and more requests for my time and have simplified my life considerably. I am well aware that those behaviors have resulted in me having more time to garden this year. I will continue to simplify wherever possible!

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